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Asian Clothing

October 2011: Traditional Asian Clothing

November 2001: The Emperor's Old Clothes

  Asian Cookware

September 2012: Must-haves in an Asian Kitchen

August 2011:  Learning all about the Chinese wok

March 2007: Tools of Asian Cooking: The Hibachi Grill

September 2005: Specialty Japanese Cookware

January 2004: Cookware for Your Asian-Style Kitchen

February 2002: Cast Away Illness with Cast Iron

May 2001: Rice Cookers Can Cook

October 2001: Full Steam Ahead: Air Pots Are Here To Stay!

Asian Culture

December 2013: The Color Red in Asian Culture

August 2008: Unraveling Colors of Asia

April 2005: Symbols of Happiness and Longevity in Asian Culture

March 2005: Bamboo – A Versatile Plant

February 2005: Symbolism in Asian Motifs and Patterns

December 2005: Full Of Fortune

November 2004: Flowers in the Sky – Cherry and Plum Blossoms in Asian Culture

January 2003: New Year's in Asia

December 2002: December Celebrations in Asia

January 2002: Incense

  Asian Culture – Japanese

July 2014Tanabata Festival:  Reunion of deities and making of wishes

May 2014: Owls in Japan—Symbolism and Myth

March 2011: The Way of the Samurai: Exploring Japan’s Revered Noble Warriors

February 2010: Japanese Furoshiki and Noren

April 2010: Magical Meaning of Cranes

April 2009: Kokeshi Doll

October 2009: Plastic Sushi

January 2008: All Hail the Sumo Wrestler

August 2007: Asian Symbolism

October 2005: Secret Lives Of Geisha

January 2002: Incense

June 2002: The Lucky Cat

July 2002: The Legend of Daruma

November 2001: The Emperor's Old Clothes

Asian Culture – Chinese

October 2014: Traditional Chinese Culture: An Introduction

April 2013:
The Chinese Concept of Yin and Yang

January 2011:  Red Envelopes: Asia’s Ancient and Auspicious Gift-Giving Tradition

October 2010: The legacy of Chinese Dynasties Part I

November 2010: The legacy of Chinese Dynasties Part II

January 2009: Mahjong A Game for the ages

August 2007: Asian Symbolism

March 2005: Bamboo – A Versatile Plant

April 2005: Symbols of Happiness and Longevity in Asian Culture

November 2003: The Mythical of Dragon and Phoenix

January 2002: Incense

August 2002: JADE: The Stone of Immortality and Beauty

  Asian Culture - Korean

October 2003: Korean Celadon

January 2002: Incense

Asian Food/Ingredients/Drinks

June 2013: Light Asian Snacks

July 2013: Exotic Fruit Kingdom- Journey into the World of Asian Fruits

October 2012: Asian Seafood

December 2011: Explore the Flavorful World of Asian Spices and Herbs

April 2011: Asian Alcohol- An Enchanting Journey of flavor, culture and history Part 1

May 2011: Asian Alcohol- An Enchanting Journey of flavor, culture and history Part 2

August 2009: Sushi Chef Apprentice

September 2008: Three Easy Eastern remedies

January 2007: Asian Desserts: The Tastes and Textures of Japanese and Chinese Sweets

June 2007: Asian Vegetables

July 2007: Noodles: Asian Fast Food

February 2006: Ingredients of Southeast Asia

March 2006: Taiwan's Cuisine

June 2006: The Art of The Spring Rolls

July 2006: Fish Sauce – The Soy Sauce of Southeast Asia

August 2006: Asian Fusion Cooking

June 2005: Azuki Beans

August 2005: Rice The Golden Grain

September 2002: The Three Most Popular Thai Herbs

August 2001: Sake Bombs Away!

  Asian Fortune & Luck

February 2009: Lucky Charms

Asian Home

September 2013: Asian Basics for New Apartments

July 2009: Bring a Touch of Asia to your Western Home

December 2008: Simple Feng Shui Remedies

February 2003: Feng Shui for the Home

  Asian Party Ideas

July 2012: Decorative Ideas and Tips for Asian parties

May 2008: Throw an Asian-Themed Party

Asian Tableware

November 2002: The Principles of Japanese Tableware

March 2001: Chopsticks

  Asian Weddings

June 2012: Japanese Wedding Traditions: Shinto Style Wedding

May 2009: Chinese Wedding Traditions

May 2007: Weddings and Marriage in Japan

Chinese Celebration/Festival

August 2012: Hungry Ghost Festival: Remembering the Dead Through Feasting and Celebration

October 2007: Chinese Holidays

February 2004: Chinese New Year

September 2001: Moon Cake And Moon Cake Festival

  Chinese Food

January 2014: Chinese Hot Pot: Gathering around Cooking

April 2012: Chinese Soups: The Way to Health and Vitality

February 2007: How to Make the Perfect Fried Rice

January 2006: China's Cuisine

April 2003: The Dimsum Experience, Part I

May 2003: The Dimsum Experience, Part II

January 2001: Hot Pot Anyone?

Chinese New Year

February 2014: Chinese New Year:  Flowers of Celebration

February 2013: Lunar New Year 2013: The year of the Snake

January 2012: Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen’s Guide to Celebrating the Lunar New Year

February 2011: Chinese New Year 2011: The Year of the Metal Rabbit

February 2008: Chinese New Year 2008: Year of The Rat


Japanese Food

December 2014- Japanese Sweet Treats: Taiyaki and Obanyaki

September 2014- Japanese Noodle Galore!

August 2014- Spam Musubi—the Uniquely Hawaiian Snack

June 2014: Onigiri—Japanese Rice Balls: Traditional Convenience Food

April 2014: Takoyaki:  The Street Food at the Crossroad of History

January 2013: Nabemono - Japanese Hot Pots

October 2013:  Traditional Japanese Soups 101

September 2011: Japanese Yaki Cooking: Fun with the Japanese Griddle

June 2010: The Bento Box

April 2007: Bento: The Japanese Lunchbox

September 2006: Mirin- Japan’s Secret Ingredient

November 2005: All About Sushi (part II)

September 2003: The Art of Japanese Cuisine

April 2002: All Steamed Up: Springtime Mushimono

April 2001: Mochi

June 2001: Yummy Sushi For Your Tummy

December 2001: One Pot Meal

Japanese Celebration/Festival

July 2014: Tanabata Festival: Reunion of deities and making of wishes

March 2014: White Day:  The Reverse Valentine’s Day

March 2012: Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen’s celebrate Hinamatsuri "Girl's Day"

April 2012: HANAMI "The celebration of Spring"

May 2012: Kodomo no hi: Japanese Children's Day

July 2011: Obon Festival:Remembering the Dead and Celebrating Family Ties

December 2009: Japanese Holidays

April 2008: Celebrating Cherry Blossom

December 2007: Celebrating New Year’s Day In Japan


Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen Gift Guide

November 2014: Holiday Guide: Joy for all Seasons

November 2013: Give the Priceless Gift of Health this Holiday: Mrs. Lin's Kitchen 2013 Holiday Guide

November 2012: I've Got my Love to Keep Me Warm: 2012 Mrs. Lin's Kitchen Holiday Guide

November 2011: Holiday 2011 Gift Guide

November 2010: 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide

November 2009: Holiday 2009 Gift Guide: The Year to BUDGET!

February 2008: Valentine's Day Gift Guide

November 2008: Guide to Economical Holiday Shopping

November 2007: Holiday Gift: The 2007 Way

November 2006: Holiday Shopping Guide

July 2005: Summer Wedding Gift Guide

December 2004:
Holiday Shopping Guide for Men
Holiday Shopping Guide for Women

Origami, Arts & Crafts

February 2012: Ikebana —The Spiritual Art of Living Flowers

June 2011: Asian Ceramics—the Exquisite Asian Art form

March 2010: Chinese Chop Seal & Ink

May 2010: Japanese Woodblock Printing

July 2010: Calligraphy & Sumi-e

August 2010: The Beauty of East Asian Writing

June 2008: Hokusai: The Man behind the Art of Block Printing

July 2008:  Hiroshige: Following in the Footsteps of Hokusai

October 2008: Utamaro: Master Printmaker and Painters

May 2005: Washi Paper Production and Uses

March 2004: 1,000 Cranes in Asian Culture and Art

March 2003: The Art of Paper Cutting

March 2002: Chinese ID: The Chop/Seal

October 2002: The Art of Eglomise

July 2001: Folding Fun With Origami


Popular Asian Figurines

August 2013: Popular Japanese Characters and the Cult of Popularity

September 2010: Tengu, Hyottoko, Tanuki and Other Popular Japanese Folklore Figures



May 2013: Way of the Gods:  Shintoism in Japan

March 2009: Legendary Kuan Yin and Buddha

March 2008: The Seven Lucky Gods of Japan

September 2009: Meditate Your Stress Away

June 2009: The Zen State of Mind: Wake Up!

September 2007: The Enlightening Truth

  Travel to Asia

March 2013: Onsen:  Japanese Hot springs—Enjoyment and Etiquette

January 2010: The Magnificent of Mount Fuji

December 2010: Kabuki: The popular theatre of Japan

April 2004: Travel to Asia: China

May 2004: Travel to Asia: China, Part II

June 2004: Travel to Asia: Japan

July 2004: Travel to Asia: Taiwan

August 2004: Travel to Asia: Korea

September 2004: Travel to Asia: Southeast Asia I

October 2004: Travel to Asia: Southeast Asia II

June 2003: A Taste of The Philippines


December 2012: The Art of Tea Brewing

October 2006: The Art of The Chinese Tea Ceremony

December 2006: The Japanese Tea Ceremony: Tea as a Way of Life

July 2003: The History and Art of Tea

December 2003: Discover Your Cup of Tea

February 2001: Yixing Teaware


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