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A perfect balance of classic and contemporary, this modern Asian tableware set adds sleek sophistication to any dinning experience. This collection is perfect for use at a restaurant or in the home. Each piece has a smooth, glossy finish, and features a stunning, black, gray, and blue design. Reminiscent of a swirling shell or the midnight sky, the pattern captivates throughout this set of cool Japanese tableware. While modern in pattern, tradition is thoughtfully incorporated in the collection. A ring of exposed, white ceramic on the bottom harkens back to authentic and traditional Japanese tableware.

The collection comprises a diverse range of pieces including large and small Japanese ceramic plates, a ceramic soy sauce dish, and six differing Japanese tableware bowls. The soy sauce dish has an undulating rim, frequently found in Japanese pottery and ceramics. Every bowl has a subtle, ribbed surface, and the six bowls all correspond to specific aspects of Japanese cuisine. The collection also contains a larger Japanese ramen bowl, traditional Japanese noodle bowl, and smaller Japanese soy sauce dipping bowls.

Each piece is dishwasher and microwave safe to make hosting and cleanup incredibly easy.

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