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Here on the Last One page, you will get a chance to grab the last pieces of Mrs. Linís Kitchen discontinued Asian tableware, giftware, teaware and cookware before they are completely unavailable on our website. Last one doesnít mean bad one; these high quality items were much loved by our customers, but unfortunately discontinued. If you have purchased tableware pieces from one of the close-out collections, you might be able to find the last pieces from the same set to match with your previously purchased tableware here.

Our Last One section is also a great place to browse if youíre looking for gifts for your loved ones or new items for your home. The last-one products are often set at their best discounted prices while still maintain their incredible quality. Items from the Last One section are also a rare and unique find since they are no longer available in the market.

Hurry and grab these amazing products while supplies last.

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The Great Wave Off Kanawaga" Noren"
Was: $112.55  SALE: $56.25
Tidal Wave Illustration Noren
Was: $64.75  SALE: $32.35
Purrfectly Yellow Maneki Neko
Was: $15.65  SALE: $10.95
Yellow Saluting Owl (LAST ONE)
Was: $13.95  SALE: $9.55
3-3/8 Inch Joyous Lucky Money Cat
Was: $21.95  SALE: $17.55
Eight Inch White Maneki Neko Cat
Was: $62.25  SALE: $55.25
Netsuke Acorn Doll Charm (LAST ONE)
Was: $7.55  SALE: $5.95
Netsuke Acorn Doll Charm (LAST ONE)
Was: $7.55  SALE: $5.95
Teal Egg Shaped Kokeshi Doll
Was: $28.75  SALE: $20.15
Adorable Japanese Wedding Doll
Was: $172.95  SALE: $117.35
Country Style Kokeshi Doll
Was: $36.25  SALE: $24.65
3-1/2 Inch Green Origami Foil Paper
Was: $4.95  SALE: $2.45
Winged Yixing Teaset
Was: $49.95  SALE: $29.95
Yellow Yixing Teapot
Was: $40.95  SALE: $28.65
Dark Grey Yixing Clay Teapot
Was: $27.95  SALE: $20.55

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