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Fun Gifts For Kids

Sick of buying your kids gifts that they play with once and never think of again? The Fun Gifts for Kids set is filled with Asian toys, Japanese geisha dolls, and lucky cat charms your kids will keep and love for a lifetime. As part of our Gift Ideas , the entire collection is filled with kids chopsticks, tea mugs, and Maneki Neko figurines that kids will be thrilled to receive.

At Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen, we’ve chosen our cutest figurines and colorful origami paper to add to this collection of special occasion gifts. Whether you are shopping for a creative gift to give your students or a fantastic set of training chopsticks for your niece, it is all in this set of Fun Gifts for Kids.

One of the most popular gifts from our store is the adorable lucky cat figurine. These adorable collectibles put a smile on any face, and now come as the distinctive design on our kid’s coin bank. Pick out the perfect gift for any child from our collection, or shop our set of Unexpected Stocking Stuffers for more gift ideas!

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2-1/8 Inch Hanging Maneki Neko
Was: $13.75  SALE: $5.95
Adorable Small Black Lucky Cat
Was: $5.95  SALE: $4.75
3-3/8 Inch Joyous Lucky Money Cat
Was: $21.95  SALE: $17.55
2-1/8 Inch Red Maneki Neko
Was: $6.85  SALE: $5.55
Purrfectly Yellow Maneki Neko
Was: $15.65  SALE: $14.75
Adorable Egg-Shaped Maneki Neko
Was: $8.95  SALE: $7.85
Happy Fish Children's Chopsticks
Was: $1.35  SALE: $0.65
Lucky Clovers Children's Chopsticks
Was: $1.35  SALE: $0.65
White Rabbit Childrens Chopsticks
Was: $0.95  SALE: $0.55
Little Bunny Childrens Chopsticks
Was: $0.95  SALE: $0.55
Butterfly Children's Chopsticks
Was: $1.35  SALE: $0.55
5-7/8 Inch One-Sided Origami Sheets
Was: $4.95  SALE: $1.95
Large/Small Origami Paper Set II
Was: $4.55  SALE: $2.15
Large/Small Origami Paper Set I
Was: $3.35  SALE: $1.65
Geometric Rainbow Origami Papers
Was: $5.05  SALE: $1.95
Bubbly Single Sided Origami Sheets
Was: $4.95  SALE: $1.95
Cute Maneki Neko Japanese Teacups
Was: $18.35  SALE: $9.05
Adorable Dark Brown Owl Cup
Was: $20.95  SALE: $11.25
Adorable Pink Bunny Japanese Clay Pot
Was: $41.25  SALE: $28.85
Samurai Warrior Kokeshi Doll
Was: $49.95  SALE: $34.05
Teal Egg Shaped Kokeshi Doll
Was: $28.75  SALE: $20.15
Adorable Deer Kids’ Lunch Box
Was: $7.85  SALE: $3.95

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