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Chinese and Japanese Bowls (Soup)

Soup is an incredibly important part of any Asian meal. It is a starter as well as the first impression of the meal to come. There is such a wide array of soups you can enjoy, like Pho or watermelon and cucumber soups in the summer; make sure you are prepared for the soups of every season!

The Lacquered, wooden, and plastic soup bowls we provide at Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen are all ideal for any type of soup, noodle, or stew. Any Asian soup bowl that you choose will make your meal look as good as it tastes.

Combine a Japanese soup bowl with an Asian spoon for a complete soup set that will bring an authentic Asian atmosphere to any dining room. The bowls that we offer are full of meaningful and popular designs, such as maple leaves, cranes, bamboo, and cherry blossoms. Any of these lacquered soup bowls will add beauty, historical meaning, and tradition into your dining experience.

Even a simple red miso soup bowl or a classic black Japanese bowl with lid will immediately bring an air of authenticity to any meal that you are serving.

Any unique Japanese soup bowls that you find here will add a blast of color to your table and accentuate the soup that you are serving! You’ll definitely want to use one of our bowls with lids to keep your food warm or even use to serve rice or edamame with. Each soup bowl has so much beauty and versatility behind it. Find the perfect one for your kitchen shelves today!

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