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Rice Bowls

Shop our collection of unique rice bowls that come in many different colors and designs at affordable prices. How are these different than average salad or cereal bowls? Rice bowls start out wide at the top then get narrower as they go down, ultimately making them excellent for single servings of rice.

Using authentic Japanese rice bowls or Chinese rice bowls will make your Asian-themed meal even better. Traditional designs include cherry blossoms, flowers, leaves, Chinese poems and calligraphy, geometric kimono and bamboo stems. We also have solid-colored rice bowls as well. Even though they're perfect for rice, they make great bowls for ice cream, salads, cereals, finger appetizers and more.

When you order a set of Japanese rice bowls or Chinese rice bowls, you won't have to constantly look for bowls that match. And these bowls are all made with a glossy finish that makes it easy to clean sticky rice off. Our rice bowls are very affordable and make excellent gifts!

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