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Bento Boxes for Sale

Lovingly create individual home-cooked lunches and arrange them beautifully for your family inside a Japanese bento box from Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen.

You can choose your favorite styles and designs from our lacquered collection of Japanese bento boxes for sale and fill them with healthy, delicious food from your own kitchen. Each traditional bento box has individual compartments to keep food looking neat and appealing as well as prevent separate foods from mixing. Some Japanese lacquer boxes even have multiple layers for more options and flexibility when it comes to packing lunch.

Bento lunch boxes are versatile and functional! Besides using them for packed lunches, you can also use them to store your jewelry, watches, keys, and other small objects all in separate compartments. Additionally, you can store your leftovers in Japanese bento boxes and keep them fresh in the refrigerator.

The elegance and beauty of our traditional bento boxes make them seem as if they are pieces of art. Many of these boxes are decorated with Japanese symbols for longevity, good luck and good fortune. Some of our Japanese bento boxes are even elaborately designed to replicate different things like our book bento box or our brick barn lunch box!

Such beautiful bento boxes should be accompanied with a wonderful pair of Japanese chopsticks. Select your favorite chopsticks from our wide assortment and find a pair that fits your needs. Whether you’re planning on using your bento box as a lunch box for your child and would like a pair of children’s chopsticks to go along with it or you want to use your lacquer box as a stress-free food container along with some dishwasher-safe chopsticks, finding the perfect combination will be easy with the vast collection of items here at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen!

Select your favorite bento boxes and Japanese lacquer containers today!

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