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Awesome Gifts For Her

Searching for a special present for an extraordinary lady in your life? Look no further than the enchanting gifts in the Awesome Gifts for Her collection from Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen. As part of our Gift Ideas, we gathered the best Japanese teacups, Kokeshi dolls, chopstick rests, and more from our shop and put them all in one place!

In the Awesome Gifts for Her set, you can find some of our most interesting and classy gifts for the kitchen. This collection has pieces that are both functional and decorative, including a delicate tea infuser mug, unique Yixing teapots, stunning Japanese clay pot, and even a ceramic ginger grater. Alternatively, delight her with our beautiful patterned origami paper or elegant Japanese geisha dolls.

Whether you choose the stylish earthen teacups, a darling wooden Daruma doll, or one of our Chinese clay teapots, your gift from our Awesome Gifts for Her collection is guaranteed to be something unique and thoughtful. Distinct from the humdrum presents of scarves and sweaters, these gifts are certain to win approval and appreciation from your loved one.

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Black Ceramic Japanese Maneki Neko
Was: $30.45  SALE: $25.55
Nine and Half Inch Black Maneki Neko
Was: $32.65  SALE: $29.45
Almost Seven Inch Black Maneki Neko
Was: $17.95  SALE: $15.25
Five and a Half Inch Black Maneki Neko
Was: $12.45  SALE: $10.55
15-3/4 White Maneki Neko"
Was: $83.35  SALE: $75.55
15 Inch Japanese Lucky Cat
Was: $91.25  SALE: $86.65
Thirteen and a Half Inch Maneki Neko
Was: $55.35  SALE: $47.05
15 Inch Japanese Doll w/ Two Fans
Was: $32.95  SALE: $29.65
15 Inch Fan Dance Geisha Doll
Was: $32.95  SALE: $26.65
Somber Japanese Wood Doll
Was: $46.95  SALE: $41.15
Adorable Japanese Ninja Kokeshi Doll
Was: $47.55  SALE: $44.45
Country Style Kokeshi Doll
Was: $36.25  SALE: $32.65
Samurai Warrior Kokeshi Doll
Was: $49.95  SALE: $45.05
Teal Egg Shaped Kokeshi Doll
Was: $28.75  SALE: $25.55
Sushi Chef Kokeshi Doll
Was: $68.75  SALE: $61.15
Edo Chiyogami Papers
Was: $4.55  SALE: $2.15
Link Pattern Origami Paper
Was: $5.55  SALE: $3.55
Six Inch Yuzen Origami Papers
Was: $4.35  SALE: $2.15
Cute Maneki Neko Japanese Teacups
Was: $18.35  SALE: $14.85
Adorable Dark Brown Owl Cup
Was: $20.95  SALE: $14.85
Bamboo Drum Yixing Teapot
Was: $41.25  SALE: $37.15
Happy Buddha Yixing Teapot
Was: $28.65  SALE: $25.75
Yellow Yixing Teapot
Was: $40.95  SALE: $33.35
Pumpkin Inspired Asian Yixing Teapot
Was: $32.95  SALE: $27.35
Pumpkin with Vines Yixing Teapot
Was: $21.95  SALE: $16.45
Flowered Yixing Teaset
Was: $47.15  SALE: $44.75
Four Seasons Sake Set II
Was: $41.25  SALE: $39.25
Large Matte Black Japanese Clay Rice Pot
Was: $149.95  SALE: $135.95
Adorable Pink Bunny Japanese Clay Pot
Was: $41.25  SALE: $39.15
Maple Leaves Japanese Clay Pot
Was: $74.95  SALE: $67.55
Owl Ginger Grater
Was: $14.35  SALE: $11.15
Fish Shaped Ginger Grater
Was: $8.85  SALE: $7.95
White Puffer Fish Grater
Was: $8.35  SALE: $7.55
Great Wave Insulated Lunch Bag Set
Was: $47.95  SALE: $38.35
Puppy with a Bone Chopstick Rest
Was: $4.95  SALE: $4.55
Sleeping Maneki Neko Chopstick Rest
Was: $8.45  SALE: $7.65

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