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Holiday Gift Guide - November 2006 Newsletter


The holiday season is on its way yet again.  Tis the season of crisp winter days, bright lights, and, of course, presents. But the holidays don’t have to break the bank.  With today’s high gas and housing prices and the sluggish economy, we know money is tight. That’s why Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen offers a huge array of affordable items everyone will love!

Good Luck Items

Give the gift of luck this season with our wide range of good fortune products. From cell phone charms to Maneki Nekos. Even our sake sets wish you good luck!

Tie one of our Chinese zodiac charms to your package to dress up your gift-wrapping. These attractive charms can be attached to a backpack or cell phone, or worn as a necklace.  Jade charms are hand carved to resemble the animals of the zodiac, and fashioned with intricate red Chinese knots. They are both an attractive decoration and a talisman of good fortune.

Don’t know what to get for your boss or coworker? How about a Maneki Neko or a Daruma? These affordable figurines are symbols of good fortune, as well as good business. Maneki Nekos, or “lucky cats” beckon customers into businesses, and beckon luck to their owners.  In a variety of fun colors and shapes, you can find the perfect figurine for every personality on your list. Another good choice is the egg-shaped Daruma. Darumas are papier-mâché dolls representing Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk who lived and meditated in a cave for nine years.  Over those years, he lost his arms and legs, but not his perseverance. This interactive doll comes without eyes, which are painted on when the owner makes a wish that is fulfilled.

Looking for a gift for the man in your life? Or your fun loving girlfriends? Try a sake set with character.  Several of our sake sets, such as the Textured Good Fortune Sake Set are adorned with Chinese symbols of luck. In a variety of colors and patterns, sets start from only $18.95.  Decorated with elegant Chinese characters standing for fortune, longevity, and prosperity, our sake jugs will guarantee it will be a good night, every time you use them.

And don’t forget the kids!  We have Maneki Neko and Gold Dog Luck piggy banks so your kids can save too! These piggy banks are adorable and economical gifts that give not only enjoyment, but also monetary returns.

Stocking Stuffers and Small Items

We stock a large number of small items, perfect for filling the toes of stockings, wrapping up for the 4th day of Hanukah, or handing out to friends at your annual holiday party.

If you’re looking for chopsticks, look no farther.  From fun to elegant to gorgeous, we have them all. Stick a set of Blue Raspberry or Strawberry Candy Chopsticks into your son or daughter’s stocking and they’ll be more excited than if it were actually made of sugar. For the man who loves tools, choose a pack of Stainless Steel Chopsticks.  Show mom you love her and slip in a Mother of Pearl Chopstick Rest or a set of Wooden Cherry Blossom Chopsticks that will look as elegant in her hair as on the table.

Got a teenager? We have the answer.  Our packs of incense just might calm them down.  If not, the wafts of sandalwood or jasmine floating down the hall will at least give you a little peace. We also have a variety of stylish ceramic and wooden incense holders to set them in.

If you’re going to create ambiance with the fragrant and soothing scents of incense, then you need the proper lighting.  For a little spirituality, try the Zen Heart Sutra Candle.  We also have a variety of fun, sushi shaped candles, including the Ocean Eel or Tamago.  If you’re having a holiday party, these festive candles make great party favors. They look so real, you might have to warn guests not to eat them!

Have you noticed a friend or relative’s refrigerator that’s a little bare? Brighten it up with our fun, vegetable magnets. With a magnetic Bok Choy or Daikon Radish, they can have fresh ingredients inside and outside the fridge.

For the women and girls in your life, we also have a variety of Asian themed hair sticks, bags, and makeup containers.  Wooden hair sticks have hanging charms at the top that will delight women young and old.  Have a niece that loves to collect pretty trinkets? She’ll adore our small Chinese patterned bags. Perfect for storing jewelry or other treasures.

Great Gifts Under $30

For a universal gift sure to please anyone on your list, try one of our Plum Blossom Key chain Watches, in red, beige, or blue. These attractive watches come with a key ring and a clasp so you can add it to your key chain or clip on accessories.  The flip up face keeps your timepiece safe.

In theme for Christmas, our Eglomise Ornaments are an elegant gift for family or friends. Ornaments are painted from the inside out through a Chinese painting technique where a hook shaped brush is inserted through the top of the bulb. These delicately painted glass ornaments make a beautiful addition to your tree, and also look great hanging in windows year round.

Even “nice” gifts don’t have to cost a bundle.  Spoil your mom with a beautifully crafted Tetsubin or Yixing teapot.   In a variety of textures, colors, and shapes, these authentic Chinese teapots make unique gifts at prices you can afford.  While our pots run the range from simple to elaborate, they start at only $16.95. For a functional teapot with an amazing design, try a cast iron Tetsubin teapot.  These long lasting pots are sturdy enough to use everyday, and striking enough to keep on display. For something more delicate, try one of our Yixing Teapots. Crafted out of clay from the Yixing province of China, these unique pots are perfect for collectors. Surprise your loved one with a Grey Pig or a Golden Harvest teapot. Each piece comes in the natural color of the clay.

There is always someone on your list who is hard to shop for.  Never fear, we have a solution.  Our wide variety of books cover topics such as cooking, crafts, interior design, and Asian culture. Know someone who enjoys art? Give them Brush Writing Calligraphy Techniques, so they can learn this art form for themselves. There is something for everyone. We even have books for kids! Give your child the gift that keeps on giving with one of our beginning origami books.  This fun present will introduce them to a craft they can enjoy for a lifetime.  Wrap up a book and with our Plain and Patterned Origami Variety Pack for a gift that’s good to go right out of the box.

Browse our sight to find these gifts and much more. Our wide selection of unique and exciting products means you’ll find something for everyone on your list.  Take the stress out of shopping by ordering beautiful gifts from home, at prices that won’t strain your wallet. Happy Holidays! And Happy Shopping!


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