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Make every meal luxurious with a pair of delicately crafted Wakasa chopsticks! With each pair taking weeks or even months to finish, Wakasa chopsticks are truly intricate and unique works of art. Originally created from the small city of Obama, Japan, these chopsticks have been made in the Fukui prefecture since the Edo period. Wakasa chopsticks are meant to be reminiscent of the beautiful ocean floor that can be seen through the crystal clear waters of Wakasa Bay.

Each pair of Wakasa chopsticks is carefully and painstakingly made. Multiple layers of lacquer are applied to each wooden chopstick; small pieces of shell or pearl are often incorporated into these layers. Then these coats of lacquer are carved in order to expose the layers, creating a mesmerizing and beautiful design on each individual chopstick. Lastly, the chopstick is polished to accentuate colors from the lacquering process, making the chopsticks complexly magnificent.

The beauty of the Wakasa chopsticks will continue to enamor you whether you are using these chopsticks for your high-class restaurant, a nice dinner at home, or even as a hair accessory. Here at Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen we have a variety of Wakasa chopsticks for you to choose from, with different types of woods, colors, and designs. Whether it is the bold Wakasa Nuri Burgundy Fancy Japanese Chopsticks or the elegant Beautiful Shattered Opal Wakasa Japanese Chopsticks, we have the perfect pair of Wakasa chopsticks waiting for you!

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