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Holiday Shopping Guide for Women - December 2004 Newsletter


The holiday season is upon us – autumn leaves are making way for boughs of evergreens and festive decorations. Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen has plenty of ideas for holiday gifts, from blue and white mugs to fancy tea sets. Are you on a tight budget this year? Perhaps you are just looking for a few exquisite gifts. Regardless of your price range, you’re bound to find some great ideas in our December newsletter. Look out for our special gift guide for men, too!


This holiday gift guide is broken into sections so you can easily find the perfect gift for your needs. We have ideas for small gifts, fancy presents, and everything in between.

Small Gifts: Regardless of your holiday traditions, small gifts are an integral part of celebrations. We have plenty of little items that are great for Hannukah gifts and stocking stuffers.

You can teach your children about Asian cultural traditions with a simple present. Choose from our wide variety of origami papers, and spend some time with your family learning how to fold these decorative sheets into works of art. You might also like our tiny maneki-neko charms. These cat charms bring good luck, fortune, and happiness into their owner’s life. If you have a few people to shop for, you might like our pairs of maneki-neko – one cat is black, and the other is white. They can choose the one that suits them best!

Our zodiac charms also make great stocking stuffers. Find your recipient’s year of birth on the zodiac chart, and it will tell you his or her characteristics, moods, and symbolic animal. Many people find their zodiac signs tell a lot about their personalities! These charms make a great keychain or car decoration.

Washi paper wallets and paper mache daruma masks can add a touch of cultural history to any gift. These items bear images of traditional Japanese icons on a textured paper base. Our wallets are printed with pictures of beautiful geishas in full ornamental dress. The stylized drawings will bring something unique to your gift.

Daruma dolls are based on the legend of Bohidharma, the Indian monk who brought Zen Buddhism to China. They are good luck charms, and are often given as gifts for children. Join in the tradition!

Sometimes kids need a gift that makes them feel more like a grown-up. This holiday season, give them a mug filled with little treats or a package of hot chocolate. You will find a nice variety in our Kids World Collection– children like the characters on the outside, and they enjoy having their very own cup.

Low Budget Gift Ideas (under $20): First impressions really do influence perception, so make the most of your money with these presentation tactics. Packaging is everything – people will not care how much your gift cost if you make an extra effort with the gift wrapping. By placing small gifts in functional objects like mugs and sauce dishes, you can create a gift that will be used everyday. They will remind your friend of you every time he or she uses the item.

Use our wide selection of dishware as a starting point for an eclectic, fun present. Try using a small dish , such as our Longevity Saucer, as a candle stand. Instead of throwing everything into a box, take a square piece of fabric, like mesh or organza, and place the dish and candle in the middle. Bring up the corners and tie them together with a satin ribbon for a classy display. If you want the wrapping to be more opaque, try layering multiple squares of fabric or using something heavier, like craft felt. Mix and match the colors for a decorative touch.

You can also use a small dish or cup as a unique jewelry box. Try our sauce dishes for rings, sushi trays for long necklaces, and small dishes for bracelets. Choose a piece of jewelry (or make one with beads from a nice craft store), and rest it in the middle of the cup or dish. For a more sophisticated look, lay down a layer of fabric like velvet or felt, or use fancy shredded paper to make a little nest. The celadon pots and chawa mushi cups are perfect containers for these gifts because they come with a lid – all you need is a nice ribbon to keep them closed!

IOUs are always popular during the holiday season. Make yours special by choosing some dishware and chopsticks, and placing a dinner IOU on the plate. If you have a special recipe in mind, buy a few of the ingredients for the meal and arrange them in a basket. Stuck on recipe ideas? Intimidated by Asian cooking techniques? Take a look at our cookbooks. In no time, you’ll be steaming dumplings and rolling sushi like a pro. A sushi gift pack might include a sushi plate, chopsticks, rice, dried seaweed, and soy sauce.

Use this opportunity to introduce your friends to a new type of food. For instance, give your friend a chawa mushi cup with a gift certificate for a tasting session. Invite them over and make chawa mushi, a traditional Japanese egg custard, using our recipe (see our April 2002 newsletter). IMPORTANT: Try out the recipe beforehand. You don’t want to mess it up for your honored guest.

Mid-Price Gift Ideas (under $50): Maybe you are looking for a nicer gift for a friend, or something for a coworker or boss. Our wide selection of teaware provides something for everyone – you can find styles ranging from sleek and modern to traditional Asian. You can choose from tea sets, single cups and mugs, and tea accessories. We also carry fine teas, such as dragonwell and green varieties. Select a tea set to suit your friend, then find a nice tea to go along with it.

Take a look at our wide selection of sake sets for more gift ideas. Their beautiful glazes and unique shapes will surely dazzle your recipient. The serving jugs make a beautiful addition to any home - some people even use them as a kitchen decoration. Just hang them up on a fancy hook, and you’ll be ready for sake all the time!

If you prefer to give wine, search in our tableware section for wine bags. These whimsical covers will give your bottle a little extra kick. Choose from cheung-sams and full length robes in a variety of colors. Your dressed-up bottle would look great in a gift basket with Asian delicacies.

Special Gifts: Perhaps you are looking for a special gift for a close friend or family member. We have a wide selection of extraordinary teaware and tableware, and you are sure to find a perfect fit for your gift needs.

Our collection of Yixing teaware features high-quality tea sets and teapots in a range of styles. These items are made in Yixing, China, with a regional clay reknowned for its fine texture. Every tea connoisseur should have one of these pots in his or her collection. You can choose from traditional, modern, and whimsical styles in your search for something that fits your giftee.

Dishware items such as our “Dinner for Two” sets also make a good present. These dinner sets often include two plates, sauce dishes, bowls, and chopsticks. Some have serving dishes for sushi, and others include more table settings. The Dinner for Two sets are good for young adults and single friends and family. We have a wide selection of styles in our catalog, so you might want to start at our “Collections” page to browse through them. If you are looking for a particular motif, you can use our “Search” function to seek out the perfect gift.

If you would like something with a distinctive Asian style, you might enjoy our selection of traditional Japanese clothing. We carry yukatas and kimonos, which are suitable as clothing or display items for the home. Yukatas have been used for thousands of years as after-bath garments. Continue this tradition, and add one in as thecenterpiece for a gift basket – include soaps and bubble bath for a complete spa experience! If you would prefer an outer garment, take a look at our selection of kimonos. Use them for formal occasions, or mix them with your wardrobe for a unique style. The kimono’s sleek and simple form makes it an artful object in itself, and many people display their kimonos as wall hangings in large spaces. You can admire their beautiful patterns all the time instead of tucking them away in closets.

Good luck in your shopping endeavors! We hope that you find something extraordinary for your holiday season.

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