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Mother's Day Gifts

Now is the time to get that special gift your mom deserves and has always wanted. Whether she would enjoy a brand new set of tableware or some decorative good luck items for her home, Mrs. Lin's Kitchen has created this Mother’s Day gift guide to make it easy for you to find that perfect gift for all special moms in your family.

In this gift guide collection, you’ll find the unique Asian gift boxes that come perfectly packaged and exclusive to Mrs. Lin's Kitchen. Each Asian gift box includes a unique jade charm and jade necklace made from natural jade stone. If your mom loves experimenting different cuisines and recipes, she’ll be delighted to receive a brand new wok set or some unique Asian kitchen gadgets like our ginger grater, bamboo steamers, and Donabe pots!

Planning to take over the chores so your mom can rest not only this Mother’s Day but also many more days in the future? Then our beautiful and elegant Asian teaware will be the perfect gift. Whether you choose the traditional infuser teacup, the stylish Tetsubin tea set, or one of our adorable character tea mugs, your gift is guaranteed to be something unique and thoughtful.

Visit the Awesome Gifts For Her gift guide to find even more special gift ideas.

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Green Spiral Wakasa Chopsticks
Was: $28.95  SALE: $26.05
Mini Brick Colored Bento Box
Was: $47.55  SALE: $29.95
Penguin Ceramic Tea Party for Two
Was: $56.95  SALE: $45.55
Porcelain Magnolia Mug
Was: $19.95  SALE: $17.95
Porcelain Dragon Mug
Was: $19.95  SALE: $17.95
Multi-Colored Magnolia Mug
Was: $19.95  SALE: $17.95
Winged Yixing Teaset (LAST ONE)
Was: $49.95  SALE: $29.95
“The Great Wave” Teapot Set
Was: $74.05  SALE: $59.95
Happy Buddha Jade Lucky Pendant
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Round Auspicious Jade Necklace (LAST 3)
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Jade Guan Yin Pendant Necklace (LAST 5)
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Burmese Jade Pendant Necklace
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Goldfish-Theme Jade Pendant Necklace
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Carved Brown Jade Ball Pendant
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Amber Jade Lucky Buddha Pendant
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Lucky God Jade Necklace
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Tribal Marking Jade Pendant
Was: $25.95  SALE: $10.35
Mini Brick Colored Bento Box
Was: $47.55  SALE: $29.95
Peacock and Branch in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Three Goldfish in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Koi Fish in Gold Case II
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Leaping Frogs in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Scenery Business Card Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Love Birds and Flowers in Gold Case
Was: $15.95  SALE: $7.95
Teal Egg Shaped Kokeshi Doll
Was: $28.75  SALE: $17.25
Country Style Kokeshi Doll
Was: $36.25  SALE: $19.95
Eight Inch White Maneki Neko Cat
Was: $62.25  SALE: $34.25
Iron Tamago Pan
Was: $24.95  SALE: $21.25
Lucky Bean Cake Taiyaki" Maker"
Was: $49.95  SALE: $45.05
Owl Ginger Grater
Was: $14.35  SALE: $9.25

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