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2010 Holiday Shopping Guide: Create Your Own Inspiring and Affordable Asian-Theme Gift Packs

When it comes to shopping, many of us are still practicing restraint. Impulsive purchases from the nearby mall or retail outlet are increasingly giving way to more cost-conscious spending. While you may need to stretch your budget a little more this holiday season, you can still find unique and thoughtful gifts that won’t require stressful budgeting or frequent trips to the store.

Here at Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen, we want to help you make the most of your 2010 holiday by offering ideas for convenient and creative seasonal gifts for almost any price range. We hope our extensive selection of memorable and affordable Asian home décor, collectables and tableware will inspire and maybe even surprise you; whether you need a few special presents for friends and family, or several festive items for colleagues and associates.

One way to save during the 2010 holiday season is to assemble your own Asian-theme gift packs. You can create a delightful assortment of two or three featured products from Mrs. Lin’s impressive inventory of over 3,000 quality goods from countries like China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea. In addition, we are pleased to offer hundreds of individual gifts and multiple-item sets priced under $50, $20, and even $10—just right for the budget-minded shopper who wants to make a lasting impression.

Here are just a few ideas for different Asian-theme holiday gift packs for neighbors, family, co-workers, classmates and more!

Arts and Crafts Gift Pack

Treat your favorite arts and crafts lover to colorful gift sets featuring samples of traditional Asian art forms. For a simple yet decorative presentation, place your selections in a cloth or tissue-lined container accented with a few ribbons or flowers.

Japanese-imported origami paper offers hours of hands-on fun. Our new 200-Count Origami Paper Variety Pack includes 40 distinct designs, like traditional floral patterns and vivid geometric prints, all for $15.25--perfect for creating multiple gift sets. Or view our collection of more than 30 origami variety packs priced under $10, such as our 45-sheet Assorted Color Single Sided Origami Multi Pack for just $3.95.

For artistic inspiration, include an eye-catching Asian-print bookmark in your arts and crafts gift pack. Our extensive collection of gorgeous Japanese bookmarks showcase classic artistic motifs, like: beautiful kimono-clad apprentice geisha called maiko; samurai warriors; striking kabuki performers portraying famous theatrical scenes; and graceful Japanese beauties in prints inspired by the country’s famous ukiyo-e woodblock prints. These lovely ribbon-topped bookmarks come as sets of six for only $6.95.

To give your Asian arts and crafts set a unique and historical touch, add a Chinese chop ink pad. Traditionally used to ink chops, or seals engraved with Chinese family names, these pads can be applied to almost any style of stamp. Use them to decorate everything from personalized wrapping paper to scrapbook pages. Our elegant engraved dragon ink pad is sale priced at just $9.95, and our $2.95 red calligraphy inkcomes in a charming antique-style tin.

Tea Lover’s Gift Pack

Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen offers a number of affordable products to tantalize the senses of both the casual and experienced tea drinker.

To prepare delicious loose leaf tea, we have quality infusers under $6 and pouches available just above $5. And to serve and enjoy this historic beverage, we also feature many budget-friendly single-serve containers, including cast iron tea cups priced below $10 and traditional porcelain mugs featuring sumo, sushi and other popular Asian images--starting at $8.95!

When it comes to tea varieties, Mrs. Lin’s offers a delicious assortment of teas from China and Japan. For under $10 you can purchase course, ice-style, roasted-rice, and many other types of Japanese-style green tea.

We also have a range of exotic loose leaf Chinese teas in irresistible containers available for under $20. Select savory varieties like gun powder pearl, chrysanthemum keemum, imperial pu-er and silver needle white teas.

Use colorful crepe paper or straw to tie together different flavors of tea bags, or place a festive bow on top of a loose-leaf tea canister. To complete your gift pack, place the tea bundles inside a tea cup, or present a package of tea and an infuser together in a decorative gift bag.

Asian Cooking Gift Pack

Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen also has countless products to help you create inspiring gift sets for new cooks and aspiring chefs alike.

Choose from an array of colorful and elegant chopsticks, including several pairs priced under a $1!
Busy cooks will appreciate our stylish and functional cookware accessories. Our striking red and black pattern flatware holder is a unique way to transport or store special utensils--now sale-priced at just $3.55. Delicate rows of cranes decorate our charming multi-colored cranes apron. At just $11.55, this adorable item is a fun and practical addition to any kitchen.

To complete your cooking gift set, add a piece of stylish and elegant Asian-style tableware. Our $3.95 square-shaped small black alloy plate provides a sophisticated display for appetizers, candies or nuts. Or browse our selection of Asian-inspired containers, contemporary-style dishes and garden-pattern bowls--many priced under $10 and $15!

Gourmet Dinner Party Gift Pack

Looking for a remarkable gift for the cook or entertainer who seems to have everything? Create your own gourmet dinner party gift pack featuring exceptional products from Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen.

Our series of electronic rice cookers by renowned manufacturer Zojirushi are an easy and convenient way to help even the busiest host prepare delicious rice dishes. And with their advanced “fuzzy logic" technology, these premium appliances also have the right settings for cooking sushi, mixed and brown rice, porridge, soup and more!

The table is one of the most important aspects most any dinner party, so why not give your favorite entertainer a special piece to display at their next gourmet gathering. Our latest collection of exquisite Chinese and Japanese silk table runners is sure to elevate any dining experience.

As a perfect final touch to your gourmet dinner party gift set, select one of our lovely Asian-inspired platters, available in festive designs like swimming koi fish, Japanese chrysanthemum flowers, and traditional Asian symbols.

The gift set possibilities don’t end here. We hope you’ll be inspired to view our latest selection of products in the What’s New section of our website.
All of us at Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen wish you a joyous 2010 holiday season!


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