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Chawa Mushi Cups

If you are looking to create an air of authenticity to your collection of Japanese tableware, you should consider including one of our Chawan Mushi Cups with matching lids at each place setting. “Chawanmushi” is a special egg custard dish that is both delicious and healthy to make. Eaten hot or cold and often mixed with shiitake mushrooms, kamaboko, gingko, or boiled shrimp, this delicious treat is a great way for you to enjoy a little part of Japanese culture with your meal! Find out how to make Chawanmushi, check out our April 2002 newsletter or take a look at our youtube video!

As is the case with most oriental tableware, the uses for any of our traditional Japanese tableware pieces are endless. At Mrs. Lins Kitchen, we have discovered many beautiful styles such as the cute Eggplant-Shaped Chawan Mushi Cup, the simple and contemporary Black Alloy Chawan Mushi Cup, and the Asian-inspired Floral Daruma Chawan Mushi Cup. You can use any Chawan mushi cup of your liking to serve ice cream, appetizer bites, delicate salads, or even tiny servings of soup!

Your guests will delight in the artful presentation that these small chawanmushi cups will bring as well as the element of surprise that awaits them as they lift the lid of these special porcelain cups.

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