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Asian Cookware

Asian cooking is always in style! Between a smart combination of healthy, fresh ingredients and a simple cooking style, Asian kitchens produce some of the most delicious and aromatic flavors you will ever taste.

Every chef, whether professional or aspiring, should have some Asian cookware in their kitchen, as using intricately crafted Asian cutlery or intelligently designed kitchen gadgets will make meal preparation so much easier. Browse our selection of the highest quality Japanese cookware and Chinese cookware, designed specifically to cook Asian cuisine.

Great cooking involves taking what you know, including the flavors and methods you've learned, and incorporating these experiences into your preparations at home. Although it is a nice treat to eat out, it is even nicer when you can make your favorites at home for your family and friends to experience as well.

At Mrs. Lin's Kitchen, we make it easier for you to test your Asian cooking skills by offering a vast array of authentic Asian cookware.

We carry a wide selection of Japanese cookware, Chinese cookware, and general Oriental cookware for just about every need. From special wooden tubs called "hangiri" that sushi chefs use to prepare seasoned rice, to the woks and bamboo steamers often used in Chinese cooking, and to the odds and ends that are a staple of Asian kitchens like the ginger grater and bamboo skewers, the variety that Mrs. Lin's Kitchen provides will help you to create the perfect Asian kitchen in no time.

Discover fresh and new ideas for making a great Asian dining experience in your own home; our vast selection of Asian cookware will enable you to make an endless number of delicious creations!

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Chinese Cleaver
Was: $36.25  SALE: $32.65
Haidragon Coconut Opener Drill
Was: $14.95  SALE: $4.95
Seafood Scissors and Scoops Set
Was: $9.55  SALE: $4.15
Takoyaki Pick
Was: $3.95  SALE: $2.35
Light Brown Wood Ladle
Was: $8.05  SALE: $4.95
Stainless Steel Fish Tweezers
Was: $5.25  SALE: $2.25
Lucky Bean Cake Taiyaki" Maker"
Was: $49.95  SALE: $45.05
Iron Tamago Pan
Was: $24.95  SALE: $21.25
Wooden Three-Piece Japanese Sushi Mold
Was: $26.95  SALE: $20.05
Wooden Sushi Press (LAST ONE)
Was: $23.15  SALE: $17.95
Bamboo Sushi Mat
Was: $1.95  SALE: $0.85
Spam Sushi Mold – Small
Was: $10.50  SALE: $6.95
Do-It-Yourself Plastic Sushi Press
Was: $8.65  SALE: $4.35
16-1/2 Inch Hinoki Sushi Wooden Bowl
Was: $194.35  SALE: $175.55
Owl Ginger Grater
Was: $14.35  SALE: $9.25

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