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Guide to Economical Holiday Shopping - November 2008 Newsletter


With the recent Wall Street crash, ever increasing gas prices, and the unsure state of the nation’s bank, buying holiday gifts may seem overwhelming if not impossible. So how can you keep in step with the current financial state and still keep the giving spirit alive? We have some tips of how to check off everyone on your list and still have a little time and money left over to buy yourself something special.  Featured are good luck and good fortune items in the hopes of making 2009 a good year.

  • One of our favorite lucky themes is the Maneki Neko, a Japanese bobcat. It’s not only cute, but beckons good luck to its owner and home or business that it is placed in. How business is going for so many right now, a little luck and good fortune will be welcomed.

  • Subtle favorites are the classically beautiful bamboo and crane motifs that are signs of good fortune and longevity. 

Get Ready For Your Guests
Though tradition tells us to keep everything the same year after year, sometimes it’s nice to change things up just a bit.

  • Instead of buying the seasonal holiday tableware, why not purchase something that can be used season after season. Cherry blossom and other lucky motifs are neutral for every religion, so you won't have to worry about switching your table settings when different sets of friends come over.
  • Welcome the luck of the bamboo plant to your table with beautiful green plate settings. You can create an inexpensive, complete look with stylish chopsticks. While not everyone is skilled in the use of chopsticks, mealtime just became a lot more fun.
  • Try unique glass decorations that you can be almost sure no one you know owns. They are hand painted and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Many of our ornaments are painted in an eglomise manner. This style of art requires the artist to paint the picture from the inside of the ornament, so you won’t have to worry about the paint chipping off the outside of these beauties.

Drink Up
For those on your list who deserve the best of the best, try the newest technology in ceramic.

  • CTS Liven China ceramicware is infused with minerals and oxides that purify and make drinks taste smoother and smell fresher. While you're at it, buy yourself a couple pieces. Eggnog, sake, wine, water and coffee have never tasted better. Although these cups aren’t the traditional vessels for serving champagne and wines, your guests will appreciate the mellow tastes the ceramic gives the liquids. Create a beautiful look for the holidays with green cups and mugs.

  • Tea sets are great for everyone, even self proclaimed coffee drinkers. We offer a great variety of sets that are purely to serve beverages from. For those picky coffee lovers, pour the prepared coffee into the tea pot and watch their surprise when you pour them a hot cup of Joe from your fabulous tea pot.
  • A bamboo or cherry blossom set will keep your table looking youthful and festive for less than $15, like our contemporary blue tea set.
The Kitchen
Instead of buying those who are clueless in the kitchen a gift card to a restaurant, buy them a cook book. You know the old adage, "buy a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime." If you're lucky, maybe next holiday season they will do the cooking and you can relax.
  • Do you know a new couple? Give them the double happiness glass plate settings. The beautiful green symbols represent the union of two people and in giving a combination gift; you can increase your giving ability by cutting your financial burden.
  • Treat them to a trend setting lavender apron that is covered with pink, white and red cherry blossoms for less than $15. Item 6146
  • The bento box. Traditionally used as lunch boxes, these decorative boxes have become the catch-all mechanism for a cluttered kitchen and household. The beautiful designs are different than most of the things you can find at department stores.

For You, Relax
De-stress and decompress with a ceramic massaging tool.

  • The lion's head massage tool is perfect to roll in your hand while you are picking out the perfect gift for friends and family.

    Protect your muscles and tendons with this lion's head massage comb for less than $20. Each crevice will hit the tense spots in your muscles and will take away the holiday stress.

  • Need even more help relaxing? Take a look at our selection of figurine candles. Maneki Neko beeswax candle for only $7.95!

Fun Stocking Stuffers

  • Lucky charms are great to put in a stocking or give as small gifts to people on your list. Maneki Neko, daruma and tengu charms can hang from a cell phone or backpack and will attract good luck.

  • Chopsticks are another great choice. The variety of chopsticks ranges from lucky designs, to classic bamboo sticks. We even offer chopsticks for beginners.

  • Give the gift that is interactive. The daruma doll represents determination and completed achievements. The eyes of the doll are left unpainted; when the owner makes a wish to accomplish something, they paint one eye. Once the goal is reached, the other eye is painted to represent the completion of the wish.
Wrap It Up
How can you be eco-friendly yet still present your gifts in style? Try a unique furoshiki. We can all take a little pride in reducing, reusing and recycling and what better way to do so than to gift wrap a beautiful bottle of wine, bento box or tea set in a 100% reusable and machine washable decorative cloth?

Make sure to look at our clearance section for even better deals and to order early to ensure delivery in time for your holiday celebration.

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