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Treat yourself or your loved ones to some of the highest quality Asian tableware, cookware, and giftware you’ll ever find! With every gift for $100 and above that you receive, you’ll be able to feel a whole new standard of excellence in your hands.

Everything you find that is $100 or above is an investment you won’t regret, like our Large Matte Black Japanese Clay Rice Pot, which will help you make fluffy, delicious rice for years and years to come. Each item is made to be sturdy, durable, and reliable; beautiful plate sets like the Square Japanese Cherry Blossom Set or the Parasol Blue Illusion Plate Set won’t be prone to breakage and will be long-lasting additions to your kitchen cabinets.

The Asian giftware that you’ll find can be used as amazing presents for any special occasion. Consider gifting a pair of Japanese Wedding Dolls to the newlyweds, or gifting an 18-Inch Maneki Neko to someone in need of an extra dose of good luck.

Whatever the occasion, any gift that you find that is $100 and up is sure to guarantee resilience and functionality for many years ahead.

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