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Decorative Ideas and Tips for Asian Parties - July 2012 Newsletter

Decorative Ideas and Tips for Asian Parties

We all know how stressful planning a party can get. That is why for this month’s newsletter we look at some fun and easy decorative tips and ideas that will make the decorative part of planning your next Asian themed party a breeze.

When it comes to decorations, whether you like to keep it simple and fresh or over the top impressive, we have some ideas to throw out to you, here at Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen that goes beyond adding a few extra balloons. You can pump up the party atmosphere with many unique decorative ideas, from DIY crafts to picking out the perfect tableware to go with your party’s theme.

Place to Start

A great way to start planning your party is to figure out what kind of an Asian party your event will be. Will it be a sit down dinner party that will be more formal? Or a more laid-back outdoor party in your garden where guests can enjoy both candle light and star light? Will there be children at the party? How many guests will you be hosting? Once you have come up with a more concrete concept of what your Asian party should look like, you can start from there to coming up with a theme for your Asian party.

Once these broader decisions are made. You can concentrate on the theme of the party. The theme of the party may be directly related to the reason the party is thrown: Is it someone’s birthday party? Is it a celebratory party for a wedding, a promotion, a newborn baby, or an anniversary? Or the theme of the party may be dictated by something as simple and elemental as the season. Is it a spring, summer, fall, or winter gathering? As well as informing the menu choices, the seasons will also dictate the atmosphere you may want to achieve at your party. For example, you may want lots of bright spring colors, or vibrant summer colors for your table ware, while you may decided to go for something more muted or sophisticated for fall and winter.

Once you have settled on a theme, you choices on planning the menu items as well as get down to the nitty gritty of table setting and decorations will be informed by your decision.

Table Setting

Once you have come up with your party theme and decided on menu items. You can now start looking into the table setting options for your party.

Tablecloths and Table Runners

The first and most basic thing to look at is the dining table on which you will serve food. Whether you are going for a cozy intimate feel, or a grander elegant feel, tablecloths and table runners are great ways to turn your regular dining table into an exciting place where your guests can enjoy the best of your food and hospitality while appreciating the unique aesthetics you choose to serve their food on.
Tablecloths and table runners do much more than keeping your dining table clean. It is a great way for you to add a fine decorative touch to the party. It is easy and effective. You will be surprised by how much you can brighten up your dining room, or that picnic table out in you patio simply by using a nice table cloth or table runner.

For unique and elegant Asian table runners, browse our selection of silk table runners. Choose from a variety of classic Asian motifs beautifully embroidered on silk. Our table runners make great additions that will add a luxurious touch to your next Asian party.

Choosing your Dining Ware

Once you have decided on the look of your tablecloth and table runner, you can go onto making decisions on your choice of dining ware. It is important to keep in mind that your choice of dining ware should also take into consideration the dishes you will be serving, so it is not simply a matter of aesthetics, but also one of functionality.

For parties where you expect guests to mingle. Large Asian platters for self-serving finger food and tapas may be more appropriate than having dinner plates. If you are planning to have a full course, sit down dinner, you may want to set a place for each of your guests complete with salad and dinner plates. If you serving rice, or soups, rice bowls and soup bowls would be necessary. Depending on menu items and your guests’ preferences, you may also want to set chopsticks at each of their places.

Once you have determined your dining ware needs based on the function, you can then consider the aesthetics you would like to adopt for your party. What is your personal style? Do you prefer sleek contemporary tableware with a stylish chic appeal, or something minimalistic and classic? Or are you looking for intricate and elaborate designs or even something adventurous and exotic? Do you prefer having pieces match one another or would you like them to vary within a specific palette?

Whatever your personal style and preference when it comes to dining ware, we have a wide selection for you here at Mrs. Lin’s kitchen. You can choose from our various dining ware collections for pieces that are made to match, or mix and match to create your very own unique look.

Adding the Final Touch

What makes a party memorable for guests is often the little touches a host makes that lets them know the time and effort that has been spent. You can impress and delight your party guests with the simplest finishing touches.

Not forgetting a name card for each place you set for guests makes each guests feel special with an assigned seat. Check out our cherry blossom fortune cookie coin purses that make great name cardholders as well as a little party favor for each guest. Our charming Chinese paper fans also make wonderful party favors.

Chopsticks rests are great additions if you plan to use chopsticks at your dinner party. It allows guests a place to rest their chopsticks and spares them the embarrassment of run away chopsticks. You can also surprise guests with a personalized pair of chopsticks. At Mrs. Lin’s kitchen, we provide chopsticks personalization services, if you would like to make the party a night for guests to remember.

Livening up the Party

Adding unique touches to liven up the party doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Beyond the common decorative options of balloons and streamers, below are some economical and ingenious ways to add distinctive decorative flourishes without burning a hole in your pocket and without taking up precious time.

Chinese Paper Cutting

Chinese paper cutting is a traditional folk art that began in the Han dynasty. Requiring nothing more than colorful pieces of paper and a pair of scissors, you will be amazed by the variety and complexity of designs that can be created from this intricate art form.

The craft of Chinese paper cutting can be used to created wonderful paper art designs that can be used as wall decorations, or to form paper sculptures that can make decorative pieces on the dining table. Strung up they form unique and unforgettable streamers that can really set or create a mood for your party. You can go online to find a wide variety of paper cutting templates to find designs that will go with the mood and theme of your party, be it cheery, contemporary, contemplative or casual.


This traditional Japanese folk art is another inexpensive way to add a unique touch to your party. With simple pieces of papers, you can create wild fantastical creatures and plants, or graceful abstract shapes. You can create underwater worlds, conjure up rain forests, or even take your guests into outer space with unique origami creations. Your imagination is the limit and you can browse our origami paper and origami book selections to find clever ways to delight your guests with this art form that is always full of surprises.


Great for both indoor and outdoor parties, paper lanterns are a sure fire way to create a mystical and exotic atmosphere for your next Asian themed party. Turn down the usual dining room light and replace them with exotic Chinese and Japanese lanterns and watch as your ordinary home gets transformed into a colorful land where you can transport your dinner guests to along with tasty dishes and beautiful Asian tableware.

Dining out back? Paper lanterns are clever ways to add a little mood lighting to your garden or patio. Have a giant pine or oak in your backyard? A few paper lanterns will add a magical glow to the entire party. At Mrs. Lin’s kitchen, you will find great paper lantern options that can enhance any living space.

Outdoor Lighting Options

Other than wall or ceiling lightings, tea light candles and tea light holders or even tiki torches can really add a dramatic edge to the lighting and mood of your party. Are you going for a sweet poetic approach or do you want to take your guests on a walk on the wild side with your lighting choice? It all goes back to the theme and mood you want to create for your party, and the possibilities are endless.

Fresh Flowers

A classic decorative choice that never fails. For your next Asian themed party, consider going for some exotic choices when it comes to fresh flowers. Better yet, if you have a Japanese maple in your backyard, or a cherry blossom or a gingko tree, you can use these live plants to liven your party.

Hosting can be Fun

Now that we’ve given you some great tips for party decoration for your next Asian themed party, we hope we have given you some fun ideas for the next dinner party you are planning to throw. After all that hard work of preparation and decoration, the most important thing at the end of the day, is not to forget to have fun!


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