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Kokeshi Dolls

Asian dolls make for fine collector's items and great gifts. Japanese Kokeshi dolls, also known as kokeshi scenery dolls, were originally created by local artists in Northern Japan as souvenirs for visitors to local hot springs. Start your collection by browsing our collection of authentic Kokeshi dolls for sale.

Of common Japanese Kokeshi dolls are colorful and fun collectibles.  Kokeshi dolls are wooden dolls characterized by their round heads and long, cylindrical bodies. Produced since the Edo Period, they continue to be hand-made in the Tohoku region of northern Japan. Distinct features help experts distinguish where they were crafted and by whom. 

* Our Grandparent Kokeshi Dolls are painted with matching robes of two different colors. Details are hand-painted, like their smiling lips and apple cheeks. 
* Our Samurai Kokeshi Doll has two swords painted into his obi and a traditional, top-knot hairstyle.

Browse our complete selection of Kokeshi dolls for sale today! To see other Asian dolls and keepsakes, skip over to our Asian Dolls section or Good Luck Items. We also carry a wide array of Asian Decor for your friends' housewarming gift or to bring home a special surprise for your spouse.

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