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Lucky Cats & Good Luck Items

Let good luck come your way with these adorable lucky cats and good luck items at clearance prices! These little charms are perfect gifts for yourself or for those in need of a boost of encouragement. The Maneki Neko is a traditional symbol of good fortune-- items with the image of these Japanese lucky cats are great ways to wish someone prosperity in business, wealth, or good luck.

Wish students luck with our Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Japanese Eraser Set or display a little Maneki Neko with Offering in your home. We offer many charming good luck items in a variety of styles, such as the Lucky Cat Handheld Mirror or the Maneki Neko Coin Bank, so that you can bring luck into your life in a functional way,

Good luck can come at a low cost! Bring luck into your life in an easy and affordable way!

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Terra Cotta Lucky Cat Bank (LAST ONE)
Was: $43.95  SALE: $16.25
Yellow Saluting Owl (LAST ONE)
Was: $13.95  SALE: $6.95
Maneki Neko Cell Phone Charm (Black)
Was: $6.65  SALE: $3.35
Miniature White Maneki Neko Statue
Was: $5.95  SALE: $3.55
Eight Inch White Maneki Neko Cat
Was: $62.25  SALE: $34.25
Twelve Inch Daruma
Was: $84.45  SALE: $71.75
Medium Size Black Daruma
Was: $11.85  SALE: $9.05
Five and a Half Inch Red Daruma Doll
Was: $29.95  SALE: $25.45
Adorable Small Black Lucky Cat
Was: $5.95  SALE: $3.55
Terra Cotta Lucky Cat Bank (LAST ONE)
Was: $43.95  SALE: $16.25

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