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Origami Paper

Origami is one of the most expressive and beautiful conduits for decorating your room or giving your friends gifts. Combining both creativity and a personal touch, you can start your origami crafting journey today with the clearance origami paper that we offer here at Mrs. Linís Kitchen!

Whatever it is youíre making, when you browse our collection of discounted origami paper, you can find a multitude of enchanting patterns and colors that will brighten any room! Display beautiful traditional patterns like the cherry blossom with our Kimono Origami Paper, which provides a variety of high quality Japanese designs. If youíre looking for simple, solid colors, the Six Inch Double Sided Origami Papers is full of large single-colored pieces of origami paper along with a few pieces of unique paper designs for special occasions.

Whether you are already an origami master or you are just starting to learn the art of origami, the origami paper sets that we offer here at Mrs. Linís Kitchen are both affordable and high quality. Bring your creations to life with these vibrant origami papers!

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Geometric Rainbow Origami Papers
Was: $5.05  SALE: $1.95
Bubbly Single Sided Origami Sheets
Was: $4.95  SALE: $1.95
Window Pane Print Origami Paper
Was: $5.55  SALE: $1.95
Kimono Origami Paper
Was: $20.65  SALE: $8.25
Speckled Cherry Blossom Origami Paper
Was: $6.25  SALE: $2.95
5-7/8 Inch One-Sided Origami Sheets
Was: $4.95  SALE: $1.95
5-7/8 Pastel Origami Paper"
Was: $10.95  SALE: $5.25
Large/Small Origami Paper Set I
Was: $3.35  SALE: $1.65
Twin Color Six-Inch Chiyogami Papers
Was: $5.25  SALE: $1.95
Six Inch Red Origami Paper Set
Was: $4.05  SALE: $1.95
4-5/8 Inch Red Origami Paper
Was: $2.95  SALE: $1.35
4-3/4 Inch Orange Origami Papers
Was: $2.95  SALE: $1.45
4-5/8 Inch Black Origami Paper
Was: $2.95  SALE: $1.35
Six Inch Black Origami Craft Papers
Was: $4.05  SALE: $2.15
Six Inch Orange Origami Paper Set
Was: $4.05  SALE: $2.15
6 Inch Orange Origami Paper
Was: $4.05  SALE: $2.25
6 Inch Silver Origami Paper
Was: $10.25  SALE: $4.95
4-5/8 Inch Blue Origami Paper
Was: $2.95  SALE: $1.25
4-5/8 Inch Fuchsia Origami Paper
Was: $2.95  SALE: $1.45
4-5/8 Inch Pink Origami Paper
Was: $2.95  SALE: $1.45
4-5/8 Inch Purple Origami Paper
Was: $2.95  SALE: $1.45
4-5/8 Inch Yellow Origami Paper
Was: $2.95  SALE: $1.25
4-3/4 Inch Gold Foil Origami Papers
Was: $7.85  SALE: $3.95
Six Inch Lavender Origami Paper Set
Was: $4.05  SALE: $1.95
3-1/2 Inch Green Origami Foil Paper
Was: $4.95  SALE: $2.45
4-3/4 Inch Tan Origami Papers
Was: $2.95  SALE: $1.15
6 Inch Pastel Pink Origami Paper
Was: $4.05  SALE: $1.95
6 Inch Gray Origami Folding Paper
Was: $4.05  SALE: $2.05
6 Inch Light Blue Origami Paper
Was: $4.05  SALE: $1.95
6 Inch Purple Origami Paper
Was: $4.05  SALE: $2.05
Textured Origami Paper Set
Was: $15.65  SALE: $7.55

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