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Holiday Dinner Guide

It's that time of the year again when friends and family will be gathering around the table and celebrating the festivities. Whether you are cooking an intimate dinner for your loved ones or hosting a huge holiday feast for everybody, planning a memorable and delicious holiday dinner can be stressful. With this Holiday Dinner Guide, our team at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen hopes to make your holiday stress-free and enjoyable.

Holiday Dinner Recipes
Dinner Prepping and Cooking Essentials
Table Setting and Food Presentation
After-Dinner Drinks
Holiday Party Favors

Holiday Dinner Recipes

To get started on your holiday dinner planning, take a look at our recommended Holiday Dinner Recipes playlist where you can find various Asian-inspired dishes that are perfect for both Holiday parties and family gatherings. These dishes are relatively easy to prepare, meaning you'll be spending less time in the kitchen and more time celebrating with your friends and family.

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Dinner Prepping and Cooking Essentials

Spending all day in the kitchen to prepare the food is probably not your envision of a "perfect" holiday get-together. Ensure you have the right tools to make your time in the kitchen pleasant and efficient. To get you through the holiday cooking with breeze, our team has compiled the list of kitchen essentials, including the highest quality Japanese and Chinese cookware designed specifically to cook Asian cuisine.

Kitchen Gadgets

Brown and Gold Japanese Fish Scaler
Was: $16.95
SALE: $12.05
Japanese Style Mortar Set
Was: $24.95
SALE: $18.55

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Chinese Cleaver
Was: $35.25
SALE: $31.75
Food Sculpting Tool Set
Was: $13.65
SALE: $9.55
Two Piece Floral Vegetable Cutters
Was: $5.95
SALE: $2.45

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Sushi Related Cookware

Sushi Lovers’ Essential Sushi Making Kit
Was: $39.95
SALE: $35.25
Bamboo Sushi Mat
Was: $1.25
SALE: $0.95
Wooden Sushi Press
Was: $23.15
SALE: $21.95
Wooden Three-Piece Japanese Sushi Mold
Was: $26.95
SALE: $20.05
Do-It-Yourself Plastic Sushi Press
Was: $8.65
SALE: $6.55
Plastic and Charcoal Bamboo Rice Paddle
Was: $3.15
SALE: $1.55

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Sushi Oke/Hangiri

A hangiri wooden bowl is essential for making perfectly seasoned sushi rice. Mrs. Lin's Kitchen has a collection of sushi “hangiri" wooden rice tubs from Japan and China that are tremendously helpful when you mix your own sushi rice at home this holiday.

16-1/2 Inch Hinoki Sushi Wooden Bowl
Was: $194.35
SALE: $174.95


Japanese Donabe Pots

Adorable Pink Bunny Japanese Clay Pot
Was: $41.25
SALE: $28.85

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Chinese Woks

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Other Asian Cookware

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Table Setting and Food Presentation

Setting a beautiful table to present all of your holiday dishes is as important as how the food actually tastes. If done right, it will make a succesful holiday dinner and have your guests talk about your extravagant table setting all year round. Here at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen, you'll be able to find the perfect pieces of tableware that will complement your delicious food and spice up your dinner table.

Tableware Collections

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Decorative Tablerunners

Make a statement on your table this holiday with a vibrant decorative Asian Tablerunner.


Large Serving Plates

Elegant Iris Porcelain Asian Platter
Was: $54.95
SALE: $49.45
Green Cherry Blossom Serving Platter
Was: $43.75
SALE: $38.85

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Large Plate Sets

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Rice Bowl Sets

Cherry Blossom Rice Bowl Set
Was: $37.95
SALE: $33.35

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Saucer Sets

Chinese Calligraphy Sauce Dishes
Was: $24.15
SALE: $18.15

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Other Asian Tableware

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After-Dinner Drinks

Holiday celebration doesn't have to end when the dinner is over. The night is still young. Keep the get-together going by serving your guests fragrant after-meal tea or some refined sake in our elegant tea sets and sake sets. Top it of with some light snacks and your guests will want to stay a little longer.


Arctic Ice Japanese Tea Set
Was: $59.95
SALE: $48.25
Blue Dragonfly Tea Set
Was: $61.75
SALE: $55.55
Large Wooden Tea Tray
Was: $27.95
SALE: $22.25
Lovely Bamboo Gongfu Tea Tray
Was: $38.75
SALE: $30.95
Wooden Longevity Asian Coasters Set of Six
Was: $16.85
SALE: $13.55
Sencha-and-Matcha Blend
Was: $13.95
SALE: $9.25

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Sake Sets

Lucky Karakusa Black Ceramic Sake Set
Was: $49.95
SALE: $40.05
Blue Dragonfly Sake Set
Was: $30.95
SALE: $27.75
Sake Masu 2
Was: $15.65
SALE: $13.35
Cedarwood Sake Masu Cup
Was: $8.45
SALE: $7.25

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Wine Glass Charms

Ensure that no one is mixing up wine glasses with these unique, high-quality, and low-cost wine glass charms. By simply tying these lovely little charms to every guest’s wine glass stem, your guests will no longer have to worry about drinking from the wrong glass and will surely be impressed by this creative and helpful touch.

Owl Bell Charm with Strap
Was: $1.35
SALE: $0.65
Doraemon Charm with Strap
Was: $3.15
SALE: $1.25
Happy Bunny Key Charm
Was: $7.55
SALE: $3.75
Chirimen Japanese Cell Phone Charm
Was: $8.15
SALE: $4.05
Netsuke Kaeru Cell Charm
Was: $7.55
SALE: $3.75

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Holiday Party Favors

You have been a great host for the entire night, why not adding the last touch to your perfect holiday dinner by sending your guests home with some creative and unique party favors? Our team at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen has prepared some party favor ideas that will surely surprise your guests.

Chopsticks and chopstick pouches

Putting a pair of chopticks into a handmade origami pouch will make your party favors personal and meaningful. You can browse a wide selection of chopsticks available at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen and check out our instruction on "How to Make Origami Chopsticks Pouch"

Precious Teddy Bear Motif Pretty Chopsticks
Was: $0.95
SALE: $0.75
Green Bamboo Stalk Chinese Chopsticks
Was: $0.95
SALE: $0.75

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Choptick Rests

Moss Green Chopstick Rest
Was: $2.55
SALE: $1.05

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Tea Canisters

Think edible party favor? Your nearest and dearest treats such as candies, nuts, dried fruit or homebaked goods can feel just as special when you pack them in our vibrant and festive tea canisters.

Maneki Neko Japanese Tea Canister
Was: $9.35
SALE: $6.95
Goal Setting Daruma Decorative Tea Tins
Was: $9.95
SALE: $6.95

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Festive Saucers

Another creative way to gift your guests some delicious treats is to put them in these colorful and fun saucers.

Black Alloy Collection Soy Sauce Dish
Was: $3.95
SALE: $3.35

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