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Chinese & Japanese Cutlery

You've seen those Asian chefs work their knives to slice and dice vegetables, meat and fish to perfection. Now, you can become a master swordsman in your own kitchen by using the Chinese and Japanese cutlery we offer at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen.

A good knife is an essential tool in any well stocked kitchen and you can't go wrong with the high quality selection of knives that we have collected from China and Japan.

Precision cutting and ease of use are all hallmarks of the famous Japanese santoku knife, a staple in the Japanese household. A great santoku knife is so precious to a Japanese homemaker that it is often passed on to a deserving future chef of the household.

Another important knife you might find in a Japanese kitchen is a sushi knife, which is specially designed for ease of cutting slices of fish precisely so they can be used for sushi or served as sashimi. The angle of the blade is slightly different and makes it easier to cut smooth pieces.

Perhaps you need a knife to cut, chop, dice, slice, shred, crush, mince, or tenderize meat. The Chinese cleaver knife can do it all! With its wide blade surface, a heavy Chinese cleaver will make meat preparation so much easier.

If you enjoy presenting your food in a beautiful, artful way, you will find that our selection of food preparation tools such as the wavy knife or vegetable cutters make it fun and easy. A big part of the dining experience in Asian cooking is presentation and these tools allow for creative experimentation to find the best way to present any meal.

Want to enjoy foods with hard shells but are having a hard time cracking them open? Make that the least of your worries with our seafood scissors and coconut opener! Easily cut through crab, lobster, and other shellfish with a pair of stainless steel crab scissors and seafood scoops so that you can enjoy every bite of crab and lobster meat. Or if you’re looking forward to some fresh coconut juice straight from the shell, take a look at our easy-to-use coconut drill.

Making and eating food doesn’t have to be hard! Our collection of Asian cutlery will make food preparation a craft you’ll enjoy perfecting!

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