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Earthen Japanese Serving Rice Bowls Set for Five

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Earthen Japanese Serving Rice Bowls Set for Five
Item# 12029

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Made in Japan from exceptional ceramic, these Japanese serving rice bowls would be perfect for enjoying your meal in style. This item comes in a set of five, and there is more than enough room in each bowl to fit one serving of rice or noodles.

Each of these Japanese rice bowls holds the same shape, with the rim curving outwards and a slightly wavy/indented shape for a better grip, however each bowl has their own unique design.

First bowl features a faded light green blue color on one side with a dark yellow on the other side. The texture of the green blue side is matte and bumpy with white speckles all over the bowl. The texture for the dark yellow side is smooth on certain areas, but with textured on some because there's some brown glaze dripping on the bottom of the bowl. There is a slight color change when each of the two side touches one in the middle, a faded dull green. The inside of the bowl is similar to the outside, according to each side of the color. However when looking at the dark yellow side, there's a lot more brown textured speckled glaze inside.

The second bowl is mostly black with a nice mixture of brown, purple, blue, and white. The texture for the black part is all matte, but the mixture of color is smooth and glossy. The design of the mixture of color looks as if someone ran their brush across the bowl to the rim of it to form this unique dripping design. The top part of the design is a slight brownish color, which fades into a light purple and blue color, and then it turns into a white. This whole mixture of color has a speckle effect to it, and you would notice the white part drips all the way down to the foot of the bowl and

The color of the third bowl consist of a green and white background for the rim and the inside of the bowl and the outside bottom of the bowl looks like a s speckled light brown color such as what a sandpaper color might look like. There is a simple design on the speckled light brown parts with a black half drawn circle; they look like smiley face but without the eyes, all around the bowl. Between the light sandpaper color and green there is a line of dark brown between the two. When looking inside of the bowl you would notice the dark green color but with splotchy white background giving it a cool effect while eating your bowl of rice. The texture for the green, dark brown and black part is smooth and glossy, whereas the speckled light brown part is matted.

The fourth bowl consist of an off white color with small brown speckles which gives it a rough like texture to the whole bowl. On the outside and inside rim of the bowl, there's a rustic design of engraved black and brown lines and dots. The rim of the bowl is painted light brown all around.

The last bowl features a dark red brown color for the whole inside and partly outside of the bowl. There is an one of a kind unique design on the front of the bowl, where the artist used his/her brush to make some kind of interesting lines that forms circles right next to one another. The color for this part is a mixture of dark yellow with black, when looking closely at that part you would notice a crackling effect.

These Japanese rice bowls each display their own unique design. This is a must for those who enjoy the earthen look that these bowls have or simply add it to your collection of bowls you have at home. Change it up and use these gorgeous bowls when you have guest over, you would definitely have a lot of great compliments while serving your guests. These bowls comes packaged in a nice black box, perfect as a gift idea.

This item is microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • Bowl Dimension (D 4-7/8" x H 3-1/8")
  • Bowl Capacity (10 fl oz)
  • Product Wt. (3 lb 11.2 oz)

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