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Ginger Graters

Every Asian kitchen has a ginger grater in its drawers.  With the extensive selection of high quality ginger graters from Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen, you too can enjoy the health benefits and flavorful sensation of adding fresh grated ginger into your cooking.  Choose from plastic, aluminum and ceramic ginger grater selections.

Just a little ginger will go a long way to liven up your salad dressings, marinades and stir fries. For thousands of years, ancient cultures have used the ginger root as a medicinal and culinary herb. While it is known to aid in the digestive process, its benefits have now extended to aid in curbing motion sickness and helping to keep morning sickness at bay. Just a little grated ginger added to some hot water with honey provides relief to those suffering from a cold or flu.

At Mrs. Lin's Kitchen, we have selected an assortment of ginger graters that will enable you to grate not only ginger, but other vegetables, hard cheeses and chocolate as well.

A ceramic ginger grater is perfect for small jobs, while you will find the larger plastic and aluminum varieties will make your grater duties a simple task.

With the proper ginger grater, it will be easy and enjoyable to prepare fresh ginger for a variety of dishes.  As one of the key ingredients to Asian cooking, you will find that the addition of ginger to the dishes you prepare in your Chinese wok or to the dumplings you create for your bamboo steamer will taste extra yummy with the boost of flavor that the grated ginger provides.

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