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Everything You Need for Stir-Fry Round Bottom Chinese Wok and Accessory Set

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Everything You Need for Stir-Fry Round Bottom Chinese Wok and Accessory Set
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Made in Taiwan, this Chinese wok and accessory set comes complete with everything you would ever need for making your favorite stir-fry and Asian dishes. This wonderful wok and accessory set comes with a quality carbon steel Chinese wok, aluminum wok lid, Wooden cooking chopsticks, stainless steel tempura rack, reversible wok ring, stainless steel spatula and ladle. 

This complete Chinese wok and accessory set has everything Asian food lovers would need to set up shop in the comfort of their own homes to make that stir-fry Asian dish they love.

Chinese woks are versatile cooking instruments. With a long history, Chinese woks are designed to be used for a variety of cooking purposes. Woks can be used not only for stir-fry, but also to steam, deep fry, pan fry, sauté, braise, boil, poach, sear and stew. 

Complete with all the accessories and tools you would need, this Chinese wok and accessory set will allow you to utilize the wok to its maximum capability and allow you to explore all of its possibilities.

The round-bottomed wok in this set comes pre-seasoned, meaning that it is ready for use. The stainless steel tempura rack is perfect for making tempura and lightly deep fried dishes. It can also be doubled as a steam rack. The broad and angular spatula is perfect for stir-fry dishes, with a shape designed to facilitate tossing, flipping actions when stir-frying. The long cooking chopsticks are great for making deep fried items like tempura. The ladle can be used for searing or braising. The wok ring is to be placed over the stove to provide a balanced based when cooking with the wok. 

With all the accessories you need all in this Chinese wok and accessory set, you are now equipped to explore the culinary possibilities that a wok can offer, and stir-fry, deep fry, steam or braise away!

  • Wok Dimension (D 14" x H 3-1/2")
  • Lid Dimension (D 12-3/4" x H 3-1/2")
  • Cooking Chopstick Dimension (L 13")
  • Tempura Rack Dimension (D 14")
  • Reversable Ring Dimension (D 10" x H 1-3/4")
  • Spatula Dimension (L 13")
  • Ladle Dimension (L 12")
  • Product Wt. (6 lb. 0.8 oz)

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