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Valentine's Day Guide

Looking to surprise a special someone with a romantic tableware setting and gift this Valentine's Day? Our wide selection of Asian Tableware as well as adorable pink or red Good Luck items will be the perfect gift that they will also love all year round. Go with a pastel lovely pink scheme of Asian Tableware accented with pink Cherry Blossoms and pink roses, or go for something more passionate with dark colors decorated with Red Roses. Whether this is your first Valentine's together or another one of many, a pleasant tableware setting or adorable meaningful gift will definitely let your loved one feel even more special.

Dinner Setting

When it comes to creating the perfect dinner setting to surprise your loved one, you can go far with pink lovely hues or decorative with floral vibrant designs. Either way you choose, our unique Asian Tableware will be sure to surprise them. Don't forget to bring out their favorite sake in a unique Sake Serving Set too!

Spring Blossoms Chopsticks
Was: $3.35
SALE: $3.05
Double Wall Glass Sake Cup
Was: $8.55
SALE: $6.25
Clear Glass Sake Glasses Set for Six
Was: $29.95
SALE: $26.95

For Her

When it comes to buying a gift for your wife or girlfriend, why not surprise her with a bright scheme this Valentine’s Day filled with flowers and Cherry Blossoms? From pastel shades of pink decorating beautifully detailed Asian Tableware to adorable pink Cherry Blossom Motifs on our Good Luck Items like Maneki Nekos, Darumas and Women’s Accessories like our Paper Wallets, we have a wide selection to choose from. If she also loves to wear jewelry on those special date nights, uniquely hand made Jade Necklaces and Pendants will also be a great accessory for her.


The Perfect Gifts

Trio of Peacocks Business Card Case
Was: $15.95
SALE: $9.35
Scenery Business Card Case
Was: $15.95
SALE: $9.35
Colorful Pheonix in Gold Business Card
Was: $15.95
SALE: $9.35
Purple Lotus Porcelain Tea Infuser Mug
Was: $26.15
SALE: $23.15
Geisha Sake Set
Was: $31.25
SALE: $28.15
Cherry Blossom Stone Tea Set
Was: $61.95
SALE: $52.95
Green Cherry Blossom Tea Set
Was: $59.95
SALE: $55.55
Pink Cherry Blossom Tea Set
Was: $106.25
SALE: $100.95


Jewelry & Jewelry Boxes

Amber Jade Lucky Buddha Pendant
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Burmese Jade Pendant Necklace
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Round Auspicious Jade Necklace
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Silver Prosperity Charm Necklace
Was: $6.95
SALE: $3.15
Silver Harmony Charm Necklace
Was: $6.95
SALE: $3.15
Yin and Yang Ivory Tile Bracelet
Was: $12.45
SALE: $5.95

Asian Dolls, Paper Wallets & Women Accessories

Adorable Japanese Wedding Doll
Was: $172.95
SALE: $145.25
Geisha with Umbrella Paper Wallet
Was: $6.95
SALE: $5.95
Geisha w/ Gu-Zin Paper Wallet
Was: $6.95
SALE: $5.95


For Him

When it comes to finding a gift your husband or boyfriend will cherish, surprise him with something useful that he can relax with after those long days after work. From handmade Yixing Mugs to his own personal Travel Chopsticks to use anytime, he will definitely love some time to relax after a hard day’s work. If you’re feeling a little more bold, invite him for a drink with a brand new Sake Set which you may enjoy together for a romantic night.

Unique Mugs, Cups and Sake Sets

Marbled Light Green Yixing Gaiwan
Was: $15.55
SALE: $13.15
Ranking Sumo Wrestler Mug
Was: $11.05
SALE: $9.95
Japanese Samurai Tea Cup
Was: $10.95
SALE: $9.95
Sushi-Go-Round Japanese Tea Mug
Was: $10.95
SALE: $9.95
Sumo Wrestler Japanese Tea Mug
Adorable Dark Brown Owl Cup
Was: $20.95
SALE: $18.85

Travel and Unique Chopsticks

Boxed Black-Tipped Bamboo Chopsticks
Was: $4.05
SALE: $3.65
Exotic Marble Swirl Wakasa Japanese Lacquered Chopsticks
Cute Japanese Samurai Chopsticks
Was: $6.25
SALE: $5.35
Abalone Red Chopsticks

Gift Sets for Two

Want to give something really meaningful this Valentine’s Day? Why not put your heart into writing a song, making a personalized playlist, or gathering several photos of you and your loved one from the many years you have spent together? With our Designer CD-R’s you get a beautifully designed CD which is perfect to hold your photos, music, and more on a colorful and fun disk which you can cherish for a lifetime. These beautiful CDs also come with a greeting card to write a little special note as well. If you’re looking for something to enjoy together, why not get yourselves a beautiful Tea Set to enjoy a fresh brew of your favorite tea together. Huddle up together in a warm blanket on a chilly date night with a beautiful tea set accompanying the both of you to keep you warm as well. For newlyweds or a couple just starting out together, a Maneki Neko or Daruma Doll will be the perfect gift for a new home, providing fortune and luck, as well as helping to set goals you both want to reach together.

Tanuki Sake Set
Was: $34.35
SALE: $30.95
Polished Earthen Green Authentic Sake Set
Was: $37.95
SALE: $34.25
Dark Blue Porcelain Sake Set for Two
Was: $46.95
SALE: $44.65
Green Bamboo Textured Tea Set For Two
Was: $40.55
SALE: $25.95
Jade Green Asian Inspired Tea Set
Was: $40.25
SALE: $36.25
“The Great Wave” Teapot Set
Was: $74.05
SALE: $59.95
Peaceful Bamboo Oriental Tea Set for Two
Was: $57.55
SALE: $51.75
Salmon Surprise Tea Set
Was: $64.95
SALE: $39.95
Polka Dots Porcelain Teaset for Two
Was: $43.95
SALE: $29.95
Bronze Coin Cast Iron Tea Set
Was: $62.95
SALE: $59.85
Black Dragonfly Tetsubin Tea Set
Was: $61.75
SALE: $55.55
Multi Dots Bright Green Tetsubin Tea Set
Was: $56.25
SALE: $50.65
Multi Dots Red Tetsubin Tea Set
Was: $56.25
SALE: $51.05
Black Alloy Tableware Set for Two
Was: $41.85
SALE: $37.65
Blue Dragonfly Bowl and Plate Set for Two
Was: $49.95
SALE: $43.75
Blue Dragonfly Sushi Set for Two
Was: $37.55
SALE: $33.75
Adorable Goldfish Dream Sushi Gift Set
Was: $56.95
SALE: $53.45
Adorable Japanese Wedding Doll
Was: $172.95
SALE: $145.25

For Those In Search For Lover

Having a hard time looking for your soul mate or going through a difficult time in your relationship? Full of wonder, these small talismans are the perfect little good luck charm tp easily keep around in your pocket, wallet or purse. Each wishing for luck in love and relationships, these small lucky charms will hopefully give you some encouragement in your journey to find the perfect companion.

Hot Pink Lucky Japanese Daruma Doll
Was: $9.95
SALE: $8.95
Tiny Strawberry Daruma
Was: $6.95
SALE: $6.25
Frosted Red Reclining Maneki Neko
Was: $9.95
SALE: $6.95

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