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14 Inch Flat Bottom Non Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok

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14 Inch Flat Bottom Non Seasoned Carbon Steel Wok
Item# 6276

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Made in Taiwan, this carbon steel wok is perfect for making your favorite stir fry dishes in a more traditional Chinese wok.

Made with a flat bottom, this carbon steel wok is more suited for gas range stoves and can sit easily on top of your stove. As this traditional Chinese wok is unseasoned, it will need to be seasoned before use as these woks are not non-stick. To season your wok, you can simply just cook in it several times so it is naturally seasoned after each use, or you can follow our How To Season Your Wok video on YouTube for instructions on how to do so.

These carbon steel woks also come with a clear food grade coating, which protects the wok from rusting during transit and may make food stick to the wok. While this food grade coating is completely safe to eat, in the case that it is getting in the way of cooking, simply boil water into the Chinese wok to soften the coating then scrub away. This may be a difficult task and may require several passes, but only focus on the areas where food may be sticking too much.

Please note that these traditional Chinese woks are not meant to look aesthetically appealing and you will ultimately want your wok to turn completely black, showing that it is now fully seasoned. Carbon steel woks may rust over time as well, but you can simply wash away the rust before use. For instructions on how to assemble the wok handle, please feel free to send us an email.

  • Wok Dimension (D 13-7/8" x H 3-3/4")
  • Product Wt. (3 lb 4.9 oz)

  • Please check back or email us at

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