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Chinese & Japanese Pots and Pans

Don't let the lack of proper Chinese pots and pans keep you from making your restaurant favorites at home any longer!  Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen has a plethora of authentic Chinese and Japanese pots and pans to help you create traditional Asian home cooking.

The simple techniques of Asian cooking are made easier and more authentic when you use a real Chinese or Japanese pan, designed specifically for the foods being prepared.  Browse the tamogoyaki pansshabu shabu, or cast iron nabe pots that we carry at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen.

Old time favorites that have survived the tests of time in Japan are easily replicated in the cast iron "nabe" pots that we carry. Your home-made versions of sukiyaki and yosenabe dishes will never taste as great or look as delectable when served from our assortment of practical and attractive cast iron Chinese and Japanese pots. Basically a "one-pot" meal to which various meats and vegetables are slow cooked in a seasoned broth; this style of cooking is very healthy and delicious tasting as well. 

Our “tamagoyaki pans” are especially designed to easily cook the perfect “egg omelet” layers that are the signature flavor of the authentic sushi houses. For those that enjoy participating in the preparation of the meal, our shabu shabu pans offer hands on cooking. Savory pieces of meats or vegetables are brushed with a flavored sauce and lightly grilled at the table for immediate enjoyment. 

Delicious Asian meals are easy to enjoy in the comforts of home with the addition of these essential Japanese and Chinese pots.

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