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The donabe pot is an essential and handy item to have in your kitchen if you enjoy the savory flavors of cooking one pot meals.

The ceramic pots are made to withstand heat, and they are very attractively made because they are meant to go from stovetop to tabletop, all in one pot. Typically used in Japan for famous dishes like sukiyaki, or shabu shabu; they are also great for making savory stews and curries.

Simply add your base broth which can be flavored fish or chicken stock, or a light soy or miso based soup, and then combine your meats and vegetables and cover with the lid. In no time, you will have a delicious and healthy meal for everyone to enjoy. Keep a platter full of the bounty you wish to add to the pot handy, you will find that everyone will be asking for seconds and thirds!

At Mrs. Lin's kitchen, we have a wide variety of donabe styles, ranging from clay nabe pots, and earthenware pots that are simply decorated to blend with any décor.

Start a tradition and host a donabe party for your family and friends; it will be sure to become a favorite way to share good times and good food.

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