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Chinese Wok

One of the greatest cooking inventions ever, the Chinese wok has stood the test of time. A staple in every Asian household, Chinese woks come in many shapes and sizes and there will be one to suit your cooking needs at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen.

We carry woks and accessories for your wok; individually and in handy sets. The carbon steel wok is a great conductor of heat and enables a chef to quick stir fry easily, keeping the nutrients from escaping from the food as readily as other methods of cooking.

Not limited to just stir fry; Asian chefs use their Chinese woks to boil liquids, steam vegetables and dumplings by adding bamboo steamers, and frying and braising their food as well. 

It would not be going out on a limb to say that a Chinese wok is probably one of the most useful and important cooking vessels in an Asian kitchen. A flat bottomed carbon steel wok is easier to use for most novices, it prevents tip overs and spills and is closer in handling to the western pans.

A Chinese wok is a welcome addition to any kitchen, you will be delighted in the ease of cooking and the less mess and less stress that result from one pan cooking.

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