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A quick, easy and healthful way to cook your meals is through the use of a versatile bamboo steamer.

Steam cooking is very natural and fat free; your food retains more nutrients than conventional methods of cooking as they are not leached out from the food. Your vegetables remain more colorful and you will find that your fish and other seafood will stay moist and flavorful.

Of course, you and your family and friends can also enjoy a traditional Chinese brunch of dim sum that will taste great when steamed in an authentic Chinese bamboo steamer.

At Mrs. Lin's Kitchen, we carry a variety of sizes that are perfect for your cooking needs.

The double tiered version will enable you to cook two levels of items at once, and save you valuable time. The single portion style is perfect for meals alone, or for use for guests at parties to add a personalized touch. Traditionally used in conjunction with Chinese woks, you simply fill the steamers with your choice of foods and place in the wok that is filled with water to create steam. Of course, any cooking vessel that can accommodate the steamer will do; but you probably can find the perfect wok for your needs from the assortment that we offer.

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