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You're a tea drinker, so you don't just buy tea in pre-packaged pouches. You buy fresh, loose tea in many varieties. To keep your tea fresh, we offer a variety of tea canisters to store your loose-leaf teas and tea bags alike, whether you're into black teas, green teas, oolongs, or all of the above.

Among hundreds of choices, we offer a ceramic canister, with a metal clasp and airtight seal that's perfect for storing tea, coffee, or spices. Buy an entire ceramic canister set for your collection, or browse through many other tea storage canisters and ginger jars. They're beautiful for storing everything from food items to loose change and other small items.

Our tea canisters come in a variety of sets, such as the following:
* Assorted Pattern Tin Canisters
* Washi Paper Covered Canisters
* Assorted Colorful Maneki Neko Canisters

We also carry a huge variety of fine teas that come packaged in lovely and reusable clay canister jugs, Japanese tea canisters, and wood tea canisters. Try our Aged Ti Kwan Tea or Blue Spring Oolong Tea, for starters. Then head on over to our Teaware to complete your serving collection.

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