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Tea Canister, Tea Scoop, Coaster, Trivet & Tea Tray

You're a tea drinker, so you don't just buy tea in pre-packaged pouches. You buy fresh, loose tea in many varieties. To keep your tea fresh, we offer a variety of tea canisters to store your loose-leaf teas and tea bags alike, whether you're into black teas, green teas, oolongs, or all of the above.

Among hundreds of choices, we offer a ceramic canister, with a metal clasp and airtight seal that's perfect for storing tea, coffee, or spices. Buy an entire ceramic canister set for your collection, or browse through many other tea storage canisters. They're beautiful for storing everything from food items to loose change and other small items.

A good cup of tea must be prepared well. In the ancient tea ceremonies, having the right accessories were just as important as having the right tea. The tea scoop, like our simple but elegant Lacquered Wooden Long handle Tea Spoon and Tea Tongs Set, provide a sanitary and accurate way to scoop and measure loose tea leaves for every brew. These spoons can also be used for measuring out other dry ingredients, like coffee, spices, candy, and herbs.

There is nothing quite like the sophistication and grace that is manifested from serving yourself or guests tea or other delights from a simple wooden tray. The extra step slows things down a little and forces one to enjoy the ritual of being served. Imagine the delight of your guest or loved one as you serve a simple breakfast in bed.

The Large Wooden Tea Tray we have discovered for you is both affordable and versatile and is a perfect gift idea for a hostess or fellow tea lover. The brown polished wood provides a lovely surface upon which to place your special treats.

If you're into tea accessories, you'll love our Asian tea sets and Yixing Tea Set and Teapots. Have a look around our collection of carefully selected products, and in no time, you'll be ready for a tea ceremony set of your own.

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