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Elegant Wakasa Shell Inlay Japanese Chopsticks for Sale

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Elegant Wakasa Shell Inlay Japanese Chopsticks for Sale
Item# 11751

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Made in Japan from fine wood, this beautiful pair of chopsticks for sale has a stunning and elegant design, making the beautiful rectangular shell inlay that has been embedded into the chopsticks the center of attention.

Wakasa chopsticks, like this beautiful pair of chopsticks for sale, are intricate works of art that take time and patience to complete. With Wakasa chopsticks, a small stick of wood sits at the base while the craftsman slowly adds layer upon layer of lacquer over it. These layers, sometimes coming up to about 50 layers of lacquer, are a way to add mesmerizing different colored effects with the chopsticks. With this pair of Asian chopsticks, the craftsman used colors of black, light brown, dark brown, white, and red to made the effect he wanted. Once all the layers have completed, as well as inserting the beautiful rectangular shell inlay at the top, he then carves down the chopsticks, exposing the layered designs and finally adding a finishing smooth gloss over the chopsticks.

While mainly being black, this pair of chopsticks for sale has a surprise at every corner. The top half of the chopsticks exposes rings of different colors in light brown, red, dark brown, and white circling around the rectangular shell inlay in the center. Towards the bottom of the chopsticks also exposes these colors in a ring like fashion, showing the multiple layers of lacquer used to make this effect. On each side of these square chopsticks, you can now truly view all the different layers of color used in these Wakasa chopsticks as the entire sides are fully lined in the multiple layered colors of dark brown, red, and white. Finally, another surprise can be seen at the very top of the chopsticks, which the craftsman also embedded a beautiful square shell inlay right in the center.

This beautiful work of art shows the time and patience used to make these chopsticks, making the owner appreciate every fine detail to complete it. A perfect gift for any artist or for someone who appreciates works of art, this pair of Asian chopsticks can be used either to eat with, display, or even used as a stylish accessory to hold up your hair. Wrapped in a plastic wrap, hand washing is recommended for this item.


  • Chopstick Dimension (L 9-1/8")
  • Product Wt. (0.8 oz)

  • Usually ships within 1 to 2 business days

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