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Japanese Lucky Charms & Maneki Neko Charms

Unlike the cool trends or cute characters from Asia that come and go; the Japanese lucky charms that we have assembled at Mrs. Lin's Kitchen have been around for centuries. You'll find traditional items that are both lucky and beautiful, like Maneki Neko charms, Maneki Neko lucky cat statues, Daruma, Seven Fortune Gods and much more.

The superstitious and non-believers alike are drawn to the belief of the hidden powers that have withstood the test of time. It is not unusual to see businesses display the famous Maneki Neko lucky cat in the corners or windows of their shops in hopes of drawing in customers. Depending on the position of the upraised front paw, the maneki neko will beckon prosperity in business, or wealth and good luck. We have collected a wide assortment; ranging from the miniscule versions of the cat on the lucky charms, to the solar powered Japanese lucky cats and traditional versions. 

But don't stop there! The Daruma doll is one of those lesser known Japanese lucky charms. A round, roly poly doll, it carries a lot of symbolism and wishes for good fortune. Patterned after a praying Buddhist monk, this doll has two eyes that are left blank. One to fill while making your wish, the other to fill when the wish comes true.

Discover the powers of these Japanese lucky charms and talismans we have selected; harness all the good luck that we have collected for you!

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