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St. Patrick's Day

Get ready for St. Patrick's Day and bring in some good luck to your dining table!

Our Green Clover collection features a unique touch of clovers against a powdery snow white backround. Rather than purchasing a clover colleciton that can only be used for St. Patrick's Day, this beautiful and unique collection is vibrant and elegant enough to use all year round. Compliment your collection with clover origami paper, clover chopsticks, and a green spoons as well!

If you're looking for more earthen down to earth tones for your dining table, then our Moss Green Collection is the perfect fit! To add a little more flare to the earthen green tones, the Serene Meadow of Cosmos, Rustic Dark Green and Blue Karakusa, and Abstract Sunlit Frest collection provide subtle designs to really make your dining table stand out.

For another collection that has more of a Spring look to it, our Green Cherry Blossom has always been a very popular choice.

4-3/4 Inch Green Clover Plate
Was: $4.55
SALE: $3.35
6-1/2 Inch Green Clover Plate
Was: $5.65
SALE: $4.55
5-1/8 Inch Green Clover Bowl
Was: $9.95
SALE: $6.55
Moss Green Japanese Mug
Was: $15.95
SALE: $13.35
Serene Meadow of Cosmos Asian Square Plates Set for Six
Was: $60.95
SALE: $54.85
Serene Meadow of Cosmos Sushi Plate Set for Six
Was: $75.95
SALE: $68.35
Abstract Sunlit Forest Oribe Ware Asian Serving Plate
Green Cherry Blossom Sake Set
Was: $41.25
SALE: $32.95
Green Cherry Blossom Tea Set
Was: $59.95
SALE: $55.55
Green Cherry Blossom Plates Set of Four
Was: $79.95
SALE: $71.95
Green Cherry Blossom Serving Platter
Was: $43.75
SALE: $38.85

Change it up with Green Chopsticks!

If you're heading out to possibly enjoy some Sushi or Chinese food on St. Patrick's Day, or if you simply just like the color green, Mrs. Lin's Kitchen provides a wide assortment of green chopsticks to take along anywhere, including a Clover Motif Travel Chopstick Set!

Multi-Design Wood Chopsticks Set
Was: $6.05
SALE: $4.25
Lucky Clovers Children's Chopsticks
Was: $1.35
SALE: $0.85
White Rabbit Childrens Chopsticks
Was: $0.95
SALE: $0.65
Green Crane Chopstick Rest
Was: $1.95
SALE: $1.65
Moss Green Chopstick Rest
Was: $2.55
SALE: $1.25
White Rabbit Childrens Chopsticks
Was: $0.95
SALE: $0.65
Light Green Wood Chopsticks
Was: $3.15
SALE: $2.85
Lacquer Lime Chopsticks
Was: $3.75
SALE: $3.15
Wooden Luminescent Green Chopsticks
Was: $4.95
SALE: $4.65
Sparkly Green Wooden Chopsticks
Was: $3.15
SALE: $2.85
Thread Weave Green Chopsticks
Was: $2.95
SALE: $2.65
Lime Green Butterfly Motif Chopsticks
Was: $3.95
SALE: $3.05



Don't get caught without GREEN!

Avoid the pinches and decorate your home with several unique items like Teaware, Asian Dolls, and more! If you're in the celebrating mood but not too fond of the traditional glass of beer, settle down over a relaxing dinner and enjoy some hot sake or tea instead with one of our beautiful Tea Sets or Sake Sets! Even if you do head out for the day but don't particularly want to wear green, ready your self with a small green good luck charm to ward off any evils.

Pink Puffs on Branches Sake Set
Was: $27.55
SALE: $24.75
Green Cherry Blossom Sake Set
Was: $41.25
SALE: $32.95
Zen Master’s Bamboo Pole Tea Tin
Was: $14.95
SALE: $12.75
Cooling Green Glass Sake Set
Decorative Tea Canister Pine Pattern
Was: $10.45
SALE: $9.35
Green Bamboo Textured Tea Set For Two
Was: $40.55
SALE: $25.95
Jade Green Asian Inspired Tea Set
Was: $40.25
SALE: $36.25
Butterfly on Flower Tea Canister
Was: $46.95
SALE: $39.05
Multi Dots Bright Green Tetsubin Tea Set
Was: $56.25
SALE: $50.65
Polka Dots Porcelain Teaset for Two
Was: $43.95
SALE: $29.95
Ranking Sumo Wrestler Mug
Was: $11.05
SALE: $9.95
Marbled Light Green Yixing Gaiwan
Was: $15.55
SALE: $13.15
Multiple Fish Wide Mouth Cup
Was: $16.95
SALE: $6.85
Floral Celadon Gaiwan Tea Cup
Was: $15.05
SALE: $13.35
Forest Green Lucky Japanese Dharma Doll
Was: $9.95
SALE: $8.95
Tiny Minty Green Daruma
Was: $6.95
SALE: $6.25
Lucky Green Frog Key Charm
Was: $6.85
SALE: $5.85
Happy Buddha Jade Lucky Pendant
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Eight-Sided Ba Gua Pendant Jade Necklace
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Jade Guan Yin Pendant Necklace
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Round Auspicious Jade Necklace
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Burmese Jade Pendant Necklace
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Goldfish-Theme Jade Pendant Necklace
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Carved Brown Jade Ball Pendant
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Yin and Yang Ivory Tile Bracelet
Was: $12.45
SALE: $5.95
Amber Jade Eternity Circle Pendant
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Amber Jade Lucky Buddha Pendant
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Tribal Marking Jade Pendant
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Crimson Lucky Laughing Buddha Jade Pendant
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Longevity Jade Necklace II
Was: $14.95
SALE: $12.95
Jade Zodiac Horse Lucky Charm
Was: $8.95
SALE: $4.55
Lucky God Jade Necklace
Was: $25.95
SALE: $12.95
Teal Egg Shaped Kokeshi Doll
Was: $28.75
SALE: $25.55




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