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Bamboo Tree Mirage Green and Black Japanese Chopsticks

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Bamboo Tree Mirage Green and Black Japanese Chopsticks
Item# 12037

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Made with wood with an intricate lacquer layering technique, these beautiful Japanese chopsticks are known as Wakasa chopsticks. With shades of a pale green similar to the color of bamboo, these lovely chopsticks are a work of art on its own.

Made in Japan, these square chopsticks feature black along with shades of pale green, light green, brown, white, and slight hues of a pale blue. Made delicately by craftsman, these chopsticks start as a thin piece of wood that is gradually given layers and layers of lacquer to complete the design. For this pair of Japanese chopsticks, colored lacquer of different hues of green, blue and white are combined together to make a mesmerizing mixture of hues. Accomplishing this type of design sometimes even requires almost 50 different layers to reach the look the craftsman wishes to accomplish. Once the layering is completed, the craftsman then begins carving and sanding away, exposing the many layers and colors made beneath the topcoat of lacquer. By looking closely you can see how many layers exactly was used for each unique pair of chopsticks, as each one is slightly different from the next.

As the top layer of lacquer was black, the only parts you see left in this color are the corners, top, and tip of the chopsticks. Each flat side of the Japanese chopsticks exposes the hues of green, which mimic a pale bamboo stalk with soft green, brown, white, and blue colors.

A great gift for hard workers and for those that appreciate time-consuming pieces of work, these lovely chopsticks come wrapped in a plastic wrap for protection and are recommended to be hand washed.

  • Chopstick Dimension (L 8-7/8")
  • Product Wt. (0.8 oz)

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