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Chinese Teapots


Imported Chinese teapots

The tradition of serving tea is an ancient form of hospitality in both China and Japan. is proud to promote this tradition by offering you the finest teaware imported directly from overseas. Our Chinese teapots, for example, are hand-crafted as they have been for centuries. These include Yixing teapots from the Yixing region northwest of Shanghai, which date back to the Ming Dynasty when potters used purple clay found by the Yangzi River. These Chinese teapots are made without chemicals or glazes, so the clay absorbs tea each time you brew. Using just one type of tea in a pot enhances its flavor over time.

A Japanese tea set for every budget offers a variety of teaware from Japan that will be sure to please your individual taste and budget. The moderately priced Blue Bloom set has brush-stroked flowers and beautifully incorporates blue, yellow and white. The Geisha Japanese tea set features Geisha girls in red and black, and the delicate cups are rimmed in gold. If you have a little more to spend, the Four Seasons set displays flowers from each season, and the edge of each cup is finished by hand. Does your style tend toward the modern? The funky dots on the Five Color Poker Dots set mimic a game of poker with a fun design.

Whether you need Asian dinnerware from China or a Japanese tea set, can help make serving tea a special tradition in your home every day!



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