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Asian Tea Sets

An object of beauty and function, a tea pot says a lot about the host who pours from it. Do you love delicate flowers? Or simple patterns? Do you have modern taste, or an eye for the elaborate and old-fashioned? Are you the one whose home friends and family flock to for an unforgettable tea gathering? Whatever describes you, we've got the Chinese teapots and Japanese teapots to fit the bill.

Enjoy your favorite selection of teas with our charming Asian tea sets. Set up your table under the shade of a flowering tree on a warm day, enjoy good conversation, and invite your friends to drink from your own porcelain Chinese tea set, antique Asian tea set, or traditional matcha tea set. We guarantee they won't soon forget it!

Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen carries an array of affordable and authentic Chinese and Japanese tea sets that were made in Asia. For example, our Chinese Character sets are a great addition to your collection. Each Chinese and Japanese tea set will uplift your table with seasonal decor, Japanese poetry, and good luck symbols that surround you as you drink tea.

Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen offers Earthern tea sets, Solid Color tea sets, and many more. Our Japanese and Chinese tea sets feature a distinct design and characteristic colors and shapes to please anyone on your holiday shopping list or in your home. Of course, owning your own complete Asian tea sets brings personal satisfaction, too. At Mrs. Lin's Kitchen, cheap Chinese and Japanese tea sets mean affordable sets, and they never compromise quality!

When you are done finding your Japanese ceramic set, oriental tea set, or other Asian style tea set, we invite your to browse through our high-quality selection of beverage containers, including sake sets and Yixing teaware.

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“The Great Wave” Teapot Set
Was: $74.05  SALE: $59.95
Breaking Wave of Kanagawa Tea Set
Was: $82.95  SALE: $70.55
Penguin Ceramic Tea Party for Two
Was: $56.95  SALE: $45.55

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