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Yixing Teapots, Yixing Teasets, Yixing Mugs & Yixing Tea Cups

Purchase a Chinese zisha clay tea cup set or Yixing teapots from Mrs. Lin's Kitchen to be part of a centuries-old tradition of drinking fine tea the way it can only be brewed by Yixing teaware.  Our Yixing tea set selection comes in many earthen colors to match your high-quality zisha pots.

Our February 2001 newsletter explains how each Yixing tea set is handmade with zisha clay that is naturally free of lead, arsenic, cadmium, and other toxic materials. A truly organic product, Yixing teapots and teacups are made with clay that has natural plasticity, meaning potters can mold it without the use of artificial plasticizers. For today's environmentally conscious consumer, a Yixing teapot is a must-have. 

Our zisha mugs are one-of-a-kind, and Yixing teapots can actually improve the taste of your tea. Yixing clay has pores, which enables the clay to absorb small amounts of tea. So, with each brew, the better your tea tastes! Be sure you have one Yixing tea set for each kind of tea your drink. Then, pay a visit to our pages featuring high-quality tea accessories, tea ceremony sets;tea infusers, and fine tetsubin wares.

Yixing Tea Sets & Teapots
Yixing Tea Sets & Teapots
Yixing Mugs
Yixing Mugs
Asian Inspired Yixing Teapots
Asian Inspired Yixing Teapots
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