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Sushi Plates


Bamboo sushi plates

The presentation of fresh sushi is just as important as its flavor. carries durable bamboo sushi plates so you can easily create a stylish dinner for your friends and family. Available in small, medium and large, this dinnerware is made of 100% bamboo, which is preferred by chefs for its strength and odor-resisting abilities. Each plate features a dark circle in the center against a light background, and the curled edges add elegance as well as practicality. You can use them for appetizers or other small finger foods, too.

Professional sushi making supplies

If you want to prepare sushi at home, you need professional equipment for the best results. Sushi molds, for example, are an inexpensive and quick way to make a delicious meal. offers two sizes of molds for making American-style sushi, also called Spam omusubi, out of nori, rice and Spam meat. Made of a rectangular, transparent box, this mold comes with simple instructions. If you want something more traditional, our Tri-Shape Rice Mold is ideal. In the shapes of bamboo, plum blossom and pine, these small plastic molds can withstand temperatures up to 348F. The carbon steel sushi knife is another one of our invaluable sushi making supplies. Made at a different angle than regular kitchen knives, this knife promotes an extremely precise cut so you'll feel like a pro! Making a fast, healthy snack was never so easy!

For the finest selection of professional sushi making supplies and lovely sushi plates, come and browse today!



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