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Cheap Origami Paper


Cheap origami paper available

Are you interested in the ancient art of origami? carries cheap origami paper with more than 35 different colors and patterns. Along with our instruction booklets, making a variety of shapes and figures was never easier! If you're a beginner, you may want a smaller set with 12 colors of this tissue-thin paper including red, blue, green, pink, orange and white. If you have a larger project, our set of 50 is ideal with sheets in a whole spectrum such as gold, purple, black and dark green. You can also buy sheets in sets of one shade or pattern, making it simple to personalize this ancient craft.

Traditional Chinese seal

Make correspondence personal again by signing your letter with a seal. Used for centuries as a signature, a mark of ownership or promise, the Chinese seal, or chop, was traditionally hand-crafted, though machine-made versions are popular today because of the low cost. offers a variety of seals such as our animal-shaped chops, with each symbolizing a year in the Chinese lunar calendar. The dog chop, for example, is carved from soapstone and features a friendly canine perched on the top. This seal comes with a red ink pad in a beautiful blue and white porcelain container, and a patterned box lined with silk makes this chop an ideal gift.

If you are looking for traditional Asian items, you'll want to check out our lucky cat statues. They are engrained with tradition and culture. Whether you're looking for cheap origami paper, good luck gifts, or want to stamp your letters with a Chinese seal, let add an Asian touch to all of your craft and office needs!






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