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2006 Newsletter Archives


December - The Japanese Tea Ceremony: Tea as a Way of Life

To the Japanese, tea is not just a beverage; it is a philosophical and symbolic experience.  The Japanese name for the tea ceremony is chadõ or sadõ, which translates to "the way of more
November - Holiday Shopping Guide

The holiday season is on its way yet again.  Tis the season of crisp winter days, bright lights, and, of course, presents. But the holidays don’t have to break the bank. With today’s high gas and housing more
October - The Art of The Chinese Tea Ceremony

When most people think of a tea ceremony, what comes to mind is the highly ritualized ceremony of Japan, where each hand movement is choreographed and each action must be carefully executed. In more
September - Mirin- Japan’s Secret Ingredient

Looking to sweeten up your life? How about your cooking? A Japanese staple, mirin is a syrupy, amber colored rice wine derived from the combination of shochu (a distilled spirit), glutinous rice, and more
August - Asian Fusion Cooking

Fusion has become a buzz word for foodies seeking something that smells, looks and tastes sophisticated.In the ‘50s and ‘60s, trying a new Chinese restaurant or sushi bar was seen as the trendy, must-do activity among the more
July - Fish Sauce – The Soy Sauce of Southeast Asia

Americans season their food with salt, while the Chinese have soy sauce – but in Southeast Asia, it’s fish sauce that enhances most dishes’ distinctive flavors. This salty, pungent brewed more
June - The Art of The Spring Rolls

Like their cousin, the wrap or dumpling, the spring roll packs a mighty tasty punch in just about every Asian culture. Fine strips of meat and julienned vegetables are shrouded and sealed in a hand-size flour.... read more
May - The Art of Asian Wrap

Folding a little chopped meat or vegetables into a piece of dough does wonders for the palate. Dumplings and loosely-folded wraps are ubiquitous items in menus in Asian countries as well as America. more
April - Korean and Japanese Cuisine

The food of Korea is known for hearty, flavorful dishes like kimchee and kalbi (barbecued short ribs), while Japanese cuisine has given us favorites like sushi, teriyaki and tempura. This month we continue.... read more
March - Taiwan's Cuisine

From boba drinks tocongee, to xiaochi, tAhe “small eats” of the night markets, the cuisine of Taiwan is a delicious combination of flavors, tastes and traditions. A few newsletters ago, we wrote about the food of China, introducing the.... read more
February - Ingredients of Southeast Asia

Since Cambodia opened its doors to tourists in the mid-1990s, tourists have been welcome to just about every part of Southeast Asia.  And more and more people are finding out that Asian cuisine goes far more
January - China's Cuisine

With almost 4 million square miles, China is home to just about every geographic and climate condition possible - from the warm, mild weather in the south to the cold, mountainous regions of the more















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