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2010 Newsletter Archives
Mrs Lin's Kitchen 2010 Newsletter Archives


December -Kabuki: The popular theatre of Japan

Imagine yourself in a room full of the chattering of voices, the clattering of tea cups to the sound of shamisen, a traditional three-stringed Japanese instrument whose name literally means “three flavor strings”, as big drums begin to thunder.  In more

November -The legacy of Chinese Dynasties Part II

On last month’s newsletter, we learn about the long history of China and its Dynasties. For centuries, their battles and places have inspired many scholars and writers until today. This month newsletter, we will learn about unique Chinese more

November - 2010 Holiday Shopping Guide

When it comes to shopping, many of us are still practicing restraint. Impulsive purchases from the nearby mall or retail outlet are increasingly giving way to more cost-conscious spending. While you may need to stretch your budget a little more this.... read more

October -The legacy of Chinese Dynasties Part I

When we think of important Chinese inventions, the first things that come to mind are: gunpowder, paper, and the compass discussed in the travels of Marco Polo. Marco Polo encountered the Chinese culture the first time during the more

September -Tengu, Hyottoko, Tanuki and Other Popular Japanese Folklore Figures

Japan has a rich history of folklore characters that appear in stories, songs, paintings, ceramics and other art forms as people or animals with supernatural or magical qualities. Many Japanese folklore characters are also associated with specific more

August -The Beauty of East Asian Writting

When getting acquainted with another country’s culture, the thing that we turn to next to food, is that of the country’s language. Indeed, language is deeply tied to a culture and a people’s identity. In East Asia, the Chinese language, and specifically its more

July - Calligraphy & Sumi-e

Using only a few basic tools that include a brush, ink and paper, the ancient art form of Chinese calligraphy and Japanese sumi-e can be practiced and enjoyed by both masters and novices. The ink brush body is typically made of bamboo, but for those who want top more

June - The Bento Box

An original idea from Japan, the bento box has evolved from a simple lidded container to store one’s Japanese style lunch, to boxes with two or three tiers, which are usually saved for use in celebrations, holidays and special family gatherings. The most expensive of more
May - Japanese Woodblock Printing

Though woodblock printing had already been prevalent in China for centuries, Japan did not widely adopt the technique until the Edo period from 1600 to 1870. Woodblock printing can be compared to the Western method of woodcutting. It begins more
April - Magical Meaning of Cranes

Here in the West, the symbol of the pink or blue crane signifies a new birth; in Asian cultures the elegant crane is a symbol of health and longevity, two of the most precious qualities that  we hope to enjoy during our lives. Because of the more
March - Chinese Chop Seal & Ink

Chinese seals have been used for centuries to create impressions with ink. These impressions, often consisting of names or symbols, are used as signatures or marks of authorship in everyday transactions and are deeply engrained in Chinese more

February - Japanese Furoshiki and Noren

The Japanese wrapping cloth or “furoshiki” and the Japanese room divider called the “noren” are two great examples of ancient Japanese innovation and creativity that are not only practical in use, but beautiful in appearance more
January - The Magnificent of Mount Fuji

The highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji has attracted artists, poets, photographers, sightseers, and mountain climbers to gaze at its unusually symmetrical dome. Located just west of Tokyo in Honshu, Japan, Mt. Fuji stands at a grand 12,388 more















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