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December - December Celebrations in Asia

For most European countries and especially the United States, the month of December is a call for the celebration of Christmas. Big holiday feasts are prepared, Christmas trees and other ornaments are more
November - The Principles of Japanese Tableware

The Japanese culture--its beliefs, customs, language, architecture--is quite distinct from others in many ways. As many aspects of Japanese culture remain undoubtedly unique, many are also becoming more
October - The Art of Eglomise

The art of “eglomise” is certainly one of the world's most admired crafts for reasons that include its beauty, dedication, and skill required. Many associate this art with glassware produced in nineteenth more
September - The Three Most Popular Thai Herbs

What makes it Thai? This question about the characteristics of Thai food is often answered with “taste,” “spice,” “flavor,” “colorfulness,” “freshness,” or “healthiness.” The colorful, fresh, and healthy more
August - JADE: The Stone of Immortality and Beauty

For many people, jade is associated with gems, the color green, and China; it symbolizes good luck and protection. While it is true that jade is popularly used in jewelry, is commonly seen in shades of green, and is more
July - The Legend of Daruma

The name "Daruma" is the Japanese variant of the Sanskrit name "Dharma." More specifically, the meanings, beliefs, and legend of Daruma are based on the Indian Buddhist monk known as Bodhidharma. To more
June - The Lucky Cat

In Japan, good luck charms are everywhere - egg-shaped daruma figures, shiny  go-yen coins, and graceful cranes adorn everything from homemade shrines to  refrigerator doors.  But one of the best-known more
May - The Art of Beautiful Writing

Calligraphy, the art of fine writing, comes from the Greek term, kalligraphia, meaning "beautiful writing." It's hard to pinpoint exactly when it originated, although many believe it evolved from early cave paintings. Over more
April - All Steamed Up: Springtime Mushimono

Japanese steamed food, or mushimono, first appeared in the Heian Period (794-1185 AD). Even after more than 800 years, cooking with steam is still an important process in the Japanese kitchen more
March - Chinese ID: The Chop/Seal

In the modern world, people use driver's licenses, computer passwords, and PIN numbers as a means of identification. Expensive keyboards feature a fingerprint scanner, restricting computer access to one more
February - Cast Away Illness with Cast Iron

For centuries, people have believed and proven that drinking liquids from certain metal containers allows one to consume not only the beverage, but also the metal’s essential minerals and vitamins. From more
January - Incense

Think incense, and religious ceremonies might come to mind. Think cosmetics, embalming and medicines, and incense might be the last thing you would think of. It's hard to believe incense is as old as history more















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