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Adorning your rooms with Asian home furnishings was never easier with a little help from Our vast selection includes vases, clocks, pillow cases, wall hangings, Geisha dolls, glassware and other items that accent your home with beauty and style. Even if you don't have an Asian-themed room in the house, many of our pieces fit well with any decor, whether it's modern, traditional or eclectic. For the connoisseur who is looking for something unusual, our Eglomise ornaments are an ideal choice. These pieces are hand-painted from the inside using a tiny hook tipped brush inserted through a small hole. These works of art come in a variety of traditional themes, such as animals and flowers. The Good Fortune and Double Happiness ornament, for example, features gold embossed characters symbolizing good fortune and double happiness. With a rich red background, this ornament is a perfect gift for Chinese New Year, Christmas or any other special occasion.

Whimsical Maneki Neko charms

Asian home decor often includes good luck charms. In Japan, good luck charms are plentiful and the belief in their power stems from ancient times. The legend of Maneki Neko charms, or "lucky cat," originates with a famous woman in Yoshiwara, Japan named Usogumo. Usogumo had a cat who was trying to warn her about a snake on the ceiling by pulling at her dress. Thinking the pet was bothering his mistress, a servant slayed the cat, sending the severed head into the air where it killed the snake. Because she was grieving for her lost friend, an artist carved the feline's likeness out of imported aloes wood. The story and the cat became famous, and so Maneki Neko charms grew in popularity. Also made of bronze, porcelain and clay, these lucky cats most often are poised with the left paw next to their ear. Placed in a window in stores and restaurants, they are believed to bring luck and prosperity.

Let bring you a little luck with Maneki Neko charms and the beauty of Asian home decor.




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