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December - Special Edition

Holiday Shopping Guide for Men

The holiday season can be quite a strain. The difficulty of choosing the best gifts for all of your loved ones is only compounded by the holiday crowds in malls and shopping centers. Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen is providing you with this shopping more

Holiday Shopping Guide for Women

The holiday season is upon us – autumn leaves are making way for boughs of evergreens and festive decorations. Mrs. Lin’s Kitchen has plenty of ideas for holiday gifts, from blue and white mugs to fancy tea sets. Are you more
November - Flowers in the Sky – Cherry and Plum Blossoms in Asian Culture

As you look over our collection of products, you may see a recurring theme – there are blossoms everywhere! From dishes to rice cookers, chopsticks to stationery, cherry and plum blossoms are blooming all around. Why is this .... read more
October - Travel to Asia: Southeast Asia II

Our second installment on the countries of Southeast Asia will be the final segment of Mrs. Lin’s Kitchens’ “Travel to Asia” newsletter series. This month, the spotlight is on Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Though more
September - Travel to Asia: Southeast Asia I

The countries of Southeast Asia are located on the Pacific Ocean, south of China and north of Australia. Though there are close to a dozen countries in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore will be the focus more
August - Travel to Asia: Korea

Over a century ago, a series of invasions took a toll on Korea. The country closed its doors to the outside world and became known as the “Hermit Kingdom.” But this attempt at seclusion did not prevent further pressure from more
July - Travel to Asia: Taiwan

There is a legend circulating that one day in the year 1590, a Portuguese galleon ship was sailing in the Pacific when it caught sight of a body of land covered with white sandy beaches, lush greenery, deep forests and mountain.... read more
June - Travel to Asia: Japan

Exploring this nation of islands is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in a lifetime. Considered one of the world’s most scenic locations with its snow-capped mountains, its 16,800 miles of indented more
May - Travel to Asia: China, Part II

Our exploration of the attractions, sights, and wonders of China will begin in Beijing and continue outward to the various regions of China’s vast terrain. For six centuries, Beijing was considered the center of the Chinese universe.... read more
April - Travel to Asia: China

China’s terrain was populated during the earliest days of the human race. It is recognized as the oldest existing state in the world with the longest recorded history. China’s present stature among the world’s great civilizations .... read more
March - 1,000 Cranes in Asian Culture and Art

Steeped in ancient myths and carrying resonant cultural meanings, the crane occupies a central role in the Asian imagination. Anyone who has witnessed cranes flying through the early morning mist over shimmering green rice paddies .... read more
February - Chinese New Year

One of the most important occasions on the Chinese calendar, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with the grandeur of lion dances, fireworks, and dragon parades. But behind the brilliant colors and the incessant crackle of firecrackers more
January - Cookware for Your Asian-Style Kitchen

So you want to cook delicious, authentic Asian dishes, but don’t know where to start? A good place to begin is in the kitchen, with the right tools. Asian cuisine doesn’t require much specialized cookware, but there are a few trademark more















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