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Sushi Kits


Complete sushi kits

Make your own sushi at home using a complete and convenient kit from! One of our most beautiful sushi kits features square bamboo-style plates and includes the following sushi supplies:

  • Bamboo mat
  • Rice paddle
  • Non-stick nigiri mold
  • Four pairs of chopsticks
  • Four plates
All of these pieces come in a large, wooden tub for making rice called a sushi oke, or Hangiri in Japanese. This tub has a flat bottom, and the wood absorbs excess moisture from the cooling rice. The oke also prevents contamination that can occur when mixing metallic surfaces with rice vinegar. Another one of our sets is the Temaki kit, which includes one bamboo mat, three rice paddles and one oke. Use the paddles to spread rice evenly on the nori (dried seaweed), then tightly roll your sushi on the bamboo mat.

Individual sushi supplies

If you don't need a whole kit, you can purchase some pieces individually at We offer the oke, for example, in a variety of sizes depending on how much rice you need to prepare. You can also use a wooden press to quickly compress rice and toppings together, then cut and serve the resulting delectable treats. We sell the rice paddle separately, as well, so you can impress your guests like a professional chef!

Decorative sushi clock

If you really love Japanese food, then our whimsical clock is for you! This sushi clock resembles a real lacquer tray with twelve different three dimensional pieces of sushi representing each number. Telling time was never so tantalizing!

Whether you want to tell time with a sushi clock or eat the real thing, let be your source for all sushi-related items, including sushi kits and sushi supplies!



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