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December - Full Of Fortune

From Hurricane that battered the Gulf Coast region to the earthquake that rocked South Asia, the damage inflicted by Mother Nature has made the past few months extremely trying for many people. With the holidays on the horizon.... read more
November - All About Sushi (part II)

From kani (crab sushi) to kappa maki (cucumber rolls), sushi remains one of the most popular meals around. Available just about everywhere – from fine restaurants to your local supermarket, America’s.... read more
October - Secret Lives Of Geisha

Our second installment on the countries of Southeast Asia will be the final segment of Mrs. Lin’s Kitchens’ “Travel to Asia” newsletter series. This month, the spotlight is on Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Though more
September - Specialty Japanese Cookware

Japanese cuisine is a perennial favorite – but if you’ve never stepped inside the kitchen at a Japanese restaurant, chances are you’ve never come across specialty Japanese cookware items like a takoyaki more
August - Rice The Golden Grain

The backbone of diets and economical infrastructures, rice feeds the livelihood of 3 billion people around the globe. For many Asians, rice is viewed as food, a gift from the gods, and a part of the cultural more
July - Summer Wedding Gift Guide

With the promise of clear skies and sunshine, the summer months are popular choices for couples planning their weddings. In fact, July and August are among the most in-demand months for nuptials and busiest.... read more
June - Azuki Beans

This month, we will introduce some of the many uses of azuki beans. These small beans pack a punch – besides their nutritious values, they have been used for non-edible applications such more
May - Washi Paper Production and Uses

Washi is a very general term meaning “Japanese paper.” Today, it denotes handmade papers in a variety of styles, from sheer and airy to thick and textured. Many are printed with patterns.... read more
April - Symbols of Happiness and Longevity in Asian Culture

As you look at our products, you will see a variety of repeated images. From animals to geometric patterns, each icon has a special meaning. This month, we will continue to look at the symbolism behind these patterns and textures.... read more
March - Bamboo – A Versatile Plant

Bamboo is a dominant plant in Eastern cultures. It serves many functions – it is used for architecture, functional tools, paper…and it makes a tasty addition to cooked meals too! This month, learn more about this fast-growing plant and its.... read more
February - Symbolism in Asian Motifs and Patterns

Have you ever wondered what the recurring patterns in Asian textiles and dishware mean? This month, we will take a closer look at a few icons that are dominant in Eastern cultures. Take a look in your home more
January - Fortune Cookies: The Real San Fransisco Treat

Fortune cookies have been the eagerly anticipated ending to many a Chinese meal for a long time, but probably not as long as you think. The fortune cookie we all know today has only been in existence for about a more















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