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December - Discover Your Cup of Tea

The cultivation of tea is much like the process of producing fine wine. Each step is carefully planned to achieve optimal results. Elevation of the land and contents of the soil affect the quality of the plant more
November - The Mythical of Dragon and Phoenix

In Asian artwork throughout history, sinuous dragons and soaring phoenixes figure prominently, coiling in elaborate decorations around architecture, tableware, and clothes. Together, the dragon and more
October - Korean Celadon

During the Koryo era (918-1392), Koreans potters developed the art of making celadon, produced by firing clay at reduced temperatures while using a specific oxidation process. What results from this method is a unique.... read more
September - The Art of Japanese Cuisine

From sushi’s raw fish wrapped in nori (dried seaweed), to tempura’s batter-fried seafood and vegetables, Japanese cuisine boasts a taste, cooking style, and visual appeal unique to its culture. Although once heavily... read more
August - Chinese Horoscope

The most ancient system of astrology in existence is the Chinese zodiac. Though the first documented cycle of the zodiac was introduced in 2637 B.C., some scholars place its origin as far back as 4000 B.C.... read more
July - The History and Art of Tea

The year is 2737 B.C. The Emperor Shennong of China sits outdoors, under the shade of a tree, when the wind blows some stray leaves into a pot of boiling water. The Emperor sips the hot water, and to his more
June - A Taste of The Philippines

It is nearly impossible to be in a Filipino home without being offered something to eat. Since the period of postcolonial travel to the islands by Europeans, Filipinos have been documented for their enthusiastic hospitality.... read more
May - The Dimsum Experience, Part II

Now that you've been acquainted with the origins and development of dim sum, it's time to experience the creation and enjoyment of these little "heart warmers"! The following are several recipes for the some of the.... read more
April - The Dimsum Experience, Part I

Imagine for a moment that you are a Guangzhou farmer in ancient China. The sun is hot on your back. The fields around you appear vast and unconquerable. Dust stings your eyes and throat. Your body screams for rest..... read more
March - The Art of Paper Cutting

Originating in China, the art of paper cutting has become a tradition of Chinese culture while evolving in many other ways. Delicate and refined, paper cutting art is a production of the precision, skill, and concentration.... read more
February - Feng Shui for the Home

As the new year is just getting off to a start, many people are still making plans and resolutions to change or refresh their lives, careers, or health. While there is a vast world of advice, how-to's, and help for each of the.... read more
January - New Year's in Asia

The coming and arriving of the new year calls for all sorts of festivities and celebrations around the world. For many cultures and countries, the New Year holiday is a very important and sacred time of year. Whereas a more















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